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Great for Aches and Bruises
For hot use: place the pack only in a microwave for about a minute or less, place in cover and use.

For cold use: place the pack only in the freezer, then place in cover and use.

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  • How to make a heat pack / cold pack. Rice Packs - Step 1
    Step 1

    Cut 2 pieces of muslin (this will be the actual rice pack) 16" wide by 7" long.

    Cut 2 pieces of fabric (the pack cover) approximately 1" wider and longer than the rice pack.

  • How to make a heat pack / cold pack. Rice Packs - Step 2
    Step 2

    For muslin and fabric: with right sides together sew sides and bottom leaving top open.

    Turn pack and pack cover, right side out and press. At open top for both, fold selvedges in about .5 inches and press.

    On pack cover(fabric)ONLY; sew a long velcro piece on inside of opening.

    You're done with the cover. Put aside for now!

  • Step 3

    For rice pack (muslin): you need to make 3 channels for rice. This is so the rice is distributed evenly throughout the bag. How I did this; I measured width of muslin piece (approx. 15 inches) and divided that number by 3. I sewed two vertical seams through the pack approximately 5 inches apart; starting the seam about an inch from the opening to the end of the bag.

    Your pack should have 3 pockets, now!

  • How to make a heat pack / cold pack. Rice Packs - Step 4
    Step 4

    Fill each pocket in your pack about 1/2 full of dry rice.

    Sew the entire top opening closed.

    You're Done! Now, place your pack inside your velcro closured cover!



Dragoness · 28 projects
what's muslin?
Creativemind · Tuscaloosa, Alabama, US · 116 projects
I have wanted to make those for the longest, but for use as hand warmers. I researched them and I found the problem with rice, is that over time it starts to change color so it may stain the material and it gets an odor. So using flax seed was suggested, but I can't seem to find any that isn't milled (grinded to a fine powder). I'm still looking for some and I'm gonna make these eventually.
Anywho, yours are adorable, love the print!

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