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30 mins

create your own owl decoration
I got the idea for this somewhere on blogspot but I can't remember where. So if it's yours just comment and I'll mention you.

sorry that there is no pitures of the prosses

sorry about the spelling

It may look messy but I only had white thread and the sewing machine kept jamming and random peices of thread kept appearing.

you can sew it by machine or hand but hand would take a while

it is very simple and you could even do it with kids.

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  • Step 1

    draw a simple outline of an owl's body, beak and wings on paper then cut it out

  • Step 2

    trace around it on to the felt.

    you need two of the body, two wings
    and one beak

    you need to use a diffrent colour for the body, but you can use the same colour for both the beak and wings

  • Step 3

    cut out the shapes

  • Step 4

    take one of the body peices and place on the wings.


    using the chalk (or just a pen but chalk is better) mark on where the ribbon will go

    I recomend leaving a gap at the top and bottom of the wings

  • Step 5

    take away the wings and layer up the ribbons, overlapping them.

    pin then on and cut them with pinking scissors (or normal scissors but it might fray) so they end just off the edge of the body

    unpin all of then but the last (bottom) ribbon

  • Step 6

    sew on the first ribbon.
    then sew on the next, overlaping it

    repeat untill all are done

  • Step 7

    trim the ribbon with pinking scissors (or normal scissors but it might fray) so it fits on the body

  • Step 8

    sew on the wings, the beak and the buttons (the eyes)

    if you want ribbon to hang it up by sew it on the opposite side now

  • Step 9

    sew the two bodys together, leaving a gap for stuffing

  • Step 10

    stuff it them sew up the gap

    thats you done. enjoy

    B =0)

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