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Make your paper flowers last forever!
Fold and dip.....That's the key!

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  • How to make a bouquet. Resin Flowers - Step 2
    Step 1

    Glaze Coat Epoxy Resin
    18 gage wire
    Wire cutters
    3 1/2" x 3 1/2" colored office paper
    Hot glue gun
    White school glue
    Yarn or twine

  • How to make a bouquet. Resin Flowers - Step 3
    Step 2

    1. Fold the square in half on the diagonal to form a triangle
    2. Fold the left and right corners up to meet the top point and form a square
    3. Fold the front points out so each outer edge lines up with the edge of the square
    4. Unfold the last fold then open each side up into a pocket and flatten each pocket out along the crease lines you just made, to form a kite shape
    5. Fold the tip of each kite shape forward along the line of the edge of the paper to form a triangle
    6. Fold the lower edge of each side up along the existing crease
    7. Add a thin layer of glue along one of the front flaps
    8. Use a clothespin to hold them together until the glue dries
    9. Continue making 5 petals for each flower

  • Step 3

    See how I did it here:

  • How to make a bouquet. Resin Flowers - Step 4
    Step 4

    10. Glue groups of 2 and 3 together and let dry
    11. Glue the sets of 2 and 3 together to create a complete flower
    12. Add hot glue to the end of a 12" piece of wire
    13. Insert the wire into the center of the flower to create a stem
    14. Mix the Glaze Coat in a container large enough to dip the flowers
    15. Dip the flowers in the Glaze Coat and hang to dry on a mini clothesline
    *Make sure you have plenty of newspaper under the clothesline to catch the dripping Glaze Coat

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