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Reducing Large Tees

How to turn a large t-shirt in to a smaller one. • Posted by Cat Morley

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  1. Small 984

    Start out with a t-shirt that is too big for you.

  2. Small 985

    Fold the t-shirt inside out and lay it down on a flat surface. Place another t-shirt (one that fits you properly) on top of the large t-shirt.

  3. Small 986

    Trace the outline of the smaller t-shirt on to the larger t-shirt with chalk.

  4. Small 987

    Place dressmaking pins along the outline, making sure to catch both sides of the t-shirt.

  5. Small 988

    Pin right along the outline so that you have the outline of the smaller t-shirt pinned into the larger one.

  6. Small 989

    Cut along the outside of the outline leaving a 1/2" margin.

  7. Small 990

    Using a sewing machine sew along the outline removing the pins as you go.

  8. Small 991

    Turn the t-shirt back inside out and you're all done.