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Making your own Recycled Beads
The beads that I've made


I like quite a few of those.

PERFECT for personalizing Kandi [for you P.L.U.R.ries out there].

I'd LOVE to see your versions of it! So just comment with a link to your versions


DISCLAIMER : the beads in the picture are all quite long, but the beads that I make now are shorter, kind of like AMber's. The ones in the pictures were the first that I made, so they are much worse looking than I make them now. I'll get pictures when I can, but I'm on VACATION now, lol. :D

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  • How to make a beads. Recyle And Make Your Own Beads - Step 1
    Step 1

    You will need

    1] Water bottle, or some kind of hard plastic that you can easily cut

    2] a pair of cutting impliments [like scisors]

    3] Needlenose Pliers, Tweezers, something like that [it'd be good to have an extra on hand]

    4]Colours [if you want to make them colourful]

    5]Heat gun, or if you are ghetto like me, a lighter :D

  • How to make a beads. Recyle And Make Your Own Beads - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cut the bottom and tops off the water bottle [I use the the bottoms to put the made beads in, and the top as a little water jug, so that after I melt the plastic, I can dip it in the cold water, and it will harden faster and stronger]

    Then you cut the water bottle, either horizontal, or vertical, depending on whether you want a thick bead, or an easier bead [because some waterbottles have those stratta like structures, if you cut those into the stips, it makes it easier to twist around the pliers].

  • How to make a beads. Recyle And Make Your Own Beads - Step 3
    Step 3

    Next, you color the inside of the strip of plastic [or you can get a strip of paper that is shorter and smaller in width and turn it upside=down into the inside of the strip of plastic]

    then grip the very end with your pliers [or the end and the paper>make sure they are lined up. and start twisting the pastic around the pliers.

  • Step 4

    Keep hold of the wound plastic tightly and take the tweasers out, then grip the bead from the hole in the middle, and the top near where the plastic ends.

  • Step 5

    Take the heat gun, and aim AWAY from anyone, and blast the plastic until the end has molded intself into the rest of the bead. [If you have an extra pair of pliers on hands, you can shape the drying plastic to make sure the holes are circular and stay open.

  • How to make a beads. Recyle And Make Your Own Beads - Step 6
    Step 6

    Let dry or dip it in some cold water, and then you've got your first bead



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vantassel.art · Chico, California, US
This is amazing, I go to college & in my 2D Design class a lady makes flowers out of plastic bottles. So looking up plastic bottle ideas, i found this. This sounds amazing ' am going to share this with my class mates. I'm an artist & a crafter, so this sounds so fun & Im obsessed with recycling. I'm going to really share this idea with lots of people, thanks
Sigrid · Soest, Utrecht, NL · 16 projects
I try this a few minutes ago.. I really love it but some of the beads (really bad english...:$) the sides went black.. But I paint it green, so it looks really amazing (black, silver?, green, silver, black Happy)
Amie D.
Amie D. · Oxford, England, GB · 44 projects
Yeah I wouldnt do this so your melting the plastic as it releases harful gases that damage the environment. Just heating the plastic is okay tho!
India W.
India W. · Indianapolis, Indiana, US
....would trying this with nail polish make it highly flammable???..... think I'll try any way. lol
Someone · 3 projects
omg... i gotta try doing these, they look really pretty and awesome! Happy
Becca B.
Becca B. · Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Wow what a great idea!
DIS.AR.RAY · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 32 projects
Missy W., of course thats okay! I'm mucho cool with that Happy
Olin C.
Olin C.
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome

your best bestest bff olincave
Celeste Z.
Celeste Z.
Do you happen to have a video link on this how to? Seeing someone do it might be easier for me. Thanks.
Missy W.
Missy W.
I love your beads! I linked to them here http://untilwednesdaycalls.blogspot.com/2010/10/fabulous-five-plastic-bottle-edition.html I hope that is okay!
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