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Recycled Magazine Phrase

Recycle a magazine into funky frame! • Posted by Jocelyn

So cute! ps- who knows what i was thinking when i typed "phrase" instead of "frame"!

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So cute! ps- who knows what i was thinking when i typed "phrase" instead of "frame"!


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    Here is my little drawn tutorial! and the following steps will be real life pictures.

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    get a magazine page and have some glue ready!

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    fold up the corner!

  4. Small dsc 0951c 1267921474

    fold up the folded corner just an itty bit!

  5. Small dsc 0952c 1267921530

    turn that foldin' into a rollin', and keep rollin'! make sure the roll is tight!

  6. Small dsc 0953c 1267921737

    almost there!

  7. Small dsc 0954c 1267921799

    add some glue!

  8. Small dsc 0955c 1267921929

    hold it tight while the glue dries! repeat this step like a hundred times

  9. Small dsc 0964c 1267922031

    glue a picture to the underside of the shoe box

  10. Small dsc 0967c 1267922077

    start hot gluing some magazine rolls on the shoe box!

  11. Small dsc 0968c 1267922180

    trim the edges!

  12. Small dsc 0969c 1267922232

    keep a gluin'!

  13. Small dsc 0970c 1267922275

    use the different colors to create designs. continue onto the sides, and tada!