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a bag made from recycled materials
I wanted to make something out of recycled materials so I came up with this bag!

Posted by Allison K. from Birmingham, Alabama, United States • Published See Allison K.'s 5 projects »
  • Step 1

    gather all materials

  • Step 2

    cut magazine into strips and tri-fold each strip gluing the folds down so that the strip lays flat

  • Step 3

    begin weaving the strips together gluing down the overlaps. try to keep the strips as close together as possible so that there aren't big holes in the bag

  • Step 4

    after you have a perfect square, repeat steps 2-3 for the 2nd side of the bag

  • Step 5

    after 2 squares are made, hot glue the edges together leaving one edge for the opening

  • Step 6

    cut card stock so that it is the length of one edge and width to fold and create a border on both sides and hot glue it on the edge of the bag

  • Step 7

    repeat step 6 on the other 2 edges that have been glues together

  • Step 8

    for the open edge, use two separate pieces of stock instead of one folded piece

  • Step 9

    create two small holes in the top of each side of the bag to run yarn through as a strap... I hot glued the yarn on the inside of the bag for a little extra reinforcement

  • Step 10

    tie the yarn, grab your bag and go!

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Heidi · Fair Oaks, California, US · 2 projects
This is so cute. I'm really into using old magazines. ;)
JuliaFuentes · Hermosillo, Sonora, MX · 2 projects
good idea :]

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