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Here is my bag 4 life! I read on the net somewhere u could fuse loads of layers of plastic bags 2gether 2 make them stronger and last longer.....
So I DID!!
An here they are! I backed them with a pair of old curtains inside 4 extra strength!(so I can put heavy stuff in!)And I have stopped stuff going 2 landfill 2!!!
My friends and family think I am crazy! n keep looking for some lost medication they swear I should be taking!
But I don't agree!
So here's my BAG 4 LIFE!

Posted by SuperCool and Really Trendy from Bradford, England, United Kingdom • Published See SuperCool and Really Trendy's 60 projects »

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SuperCool and Really Trendy
SuperCool and Really Trendy · Bradford, England, GB · 60 projects
I also love to knit with shredded up clothes!2 only I get really carried away and try to make the square as big as possible!(One day I will have enough to sew 2gether!)but I always run out of cloth and leave it laying around...good for the dog!(So heavy mu arms ache! Happy!)Then i throw it away cos I cannot be bothered to wash it! But I have started again!And have set myself the task 2 finish it!Don't know when but I will do! I am gonna post it after breakfast....awalk...shopping.....soon!
Frustrated Crafter
Frustrated Crafter · 10 projects
I totally love it! And to think, all this time I've been cutting up bags into strips and crocheting them when I could have been doing this ... hmphhh!
SuperCool and Really Trendy
SuperCool and Really Trendy · Bradford, England, GB · 60 projects
I am gonna save some stuff and have a go soon! Just waiting to get my camera back also! Gonna get it 2day off my daughter!
Basketbchic · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 11 projects
how to? PLEASE!!!!
Nancy D.
Nancy D. · Houston, Texas, US
how do you do it? Very cute!NancyD
Amanda H.
Amanda H.
I actually bought one quite like this from Target. It didn't have any liner on the inside, just recycled Target bags. I like it a lot... It's lasted a lot longer than any $1 'reusable' bag I've bought. I'd love to take a stab at making one myself w/ some cute plastic bags I came across. ~Thanks~
SuperCool and Really Trendy
SuperCool and Really Trendy · Bradford, England, GB · 60 projects
I have got 2 the point where I don't care what any1 thinks....I'll just have ago anyway!What have I 2 lose? A couple of hours messing at the most!(keeps me from ironing the same old stuff!)Plus it stops me going nutty, saves landfill!
And in my world just try it!!!
katie · 5 projects
i'm trying to do this but i have no pretty bags Happy maybey i'll just make it white and decorate it. Great job Happy
Surf jewels
Surf jewels · Southend-on-Sea, England, GB · 13 projects
Yer, ive tried fusing bags 2, it works well, ive used it 2 make beads, but have been meaning 2 make a bag 4 a while. think my family think i'm a little crazy 2!! Happy
Crystal R.
Crystal R. · Albany, New York, US · 2 projects
This is really cool. I would love to see a 'how-to' for this. Happy
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