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quick craft for easy desk organizing
I needed some desk organizers for my dorm and didn't want to go buy one, so I just decided to DIY it!

Posted by Pramodini Arela from San Diego, California, United States • Published See Pramodini Arela's 53 projects »
  • Step 1

    CHOOSE A BOTTLE. I used the kind with indents going around the bottle because it seemed easier to rest the twin in the grooves, but it is up to what you have.

  • Step 2

    CLEAN AND DRY WATER BOTTLES. you want to make sure your bottles are fully clean and dry so they don't attract bugs or get your stuff sticky.

  • Step 3

    CUT THE TOP OFF. Gauge how tall you want your containers to be and using a box cutter, gently cut around the bottle to remove the top. You can also use scissors, but this is more difficult because it squished the bottle and can mess up the shape. Trim the rim with scissors

  • Step 4

    COVER IN TWINE. starting about 1 cm from the bottom, glue one end of twine to the bottle. Wrap around the bottom gluing every few centimetres to give it a sturdy base. Then continue to wrap around the bottle gluing periodically and where you need the twine to stay put.

  • Step 5

    FINISH THE TOP OFF. Toward the top of the bottle. glue more frequently to make sure it stays in place. Once you run out of water bottle, cut off the excess and glue the tail down.

  • Step 6


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