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I'm sick of paying $30 a go to have rings re-sized, aren't you?
I did this out of pure desperation because I wanted a ring to be a different size and the jeweller didn't want to do it because he was afraid the stone would shatter. It worked fine but I'd suggest that if the ring is an heirloom, gold or precious you at least try to get it professionally resized, because this is a pretty brutal approach (and might not work with a really soft metal like gold).

It will work best on rings with a wide but thin band. If too thick you won't be able to cut through it. If too fine, it won't be strong enough to hold the ring on your finger. I'd also suggest you don't try and go up or down more than a size. I only did it with Sterling Silver so I don't know how it will work with costume jewellery.

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  • How to make a cabochon ring. Re Size Your Ring - Step 1
    Step 1

    You will need:

    - your ill-fitting ring
    - some wire cutters or pliers (I used my beading cutters for thinner rings and ordinary pliers for those with a thicker band)
    - A nail file

  • How to make a cabochon ring. Re Size Your Ring - Step 2
    Step 2

    Find the centre of the band, go slightly to the left, take a deep breath, and cut through it. Yes, right through!

    Do it again, this time on the right side. Learn from my fail and make sure you don't cut too much - for a size I'd take off about 2-3mm. Remember, if you don't cut off enough, you can always cut more :-)

    Gently - GENTLY - push down the edges on both sides until they are touching, then test to see if it fits okay. I say gently because sterling silver is soft and malleable up to a point, and then it gets suddenly brittle and just breaks off. So, gently, gently, gently.

  • How to make a cabochon ring. Re Size Your Ring - Step 3
    Step 3

    When it's the right size, ease the sides apart (gently!) and use your nail file to smooth down the sharp edges. You'll probably have sharp corners on either side and a sharp edge at either the top or the bottom. Run your fingers gently all over the cut and make sure you haven't missed anything (because it really hurts when you slice your finger with a piece of cut sterling silver...)

  • Step 4

    Now push the two sides back together again. To get them to actually touch, you can use the pliers to ease them into place (I meant to take a picture but I forgot...)

  • How to make a cabochon ring. Re Size Your Ring - Step 5
    Step 5

    Ta-daa! Enjoy your ring which now fits...

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