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Based on Rainbow Hair =D by Tara Gypsy Apples
I had to pre-bleach my hair before dying it so that the colour showed up, which made the whole thing more work, and when i bought the dye i had to buy decent-sized pots, so the cost mounted up. but now i have enough to do it again at no extra cost XD
overall am happy wit the result. :D + wud def do it (or something similar) again.

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Ros · 12 projects
@Emily P.
for a how-to i'd recommend you look at the original one by "tata et moi" that this project is based on. Is very helpful to have a much-trusted friend to help.

I used 'directions' hair colour by 'la riche'.
i used the following 5 colours, but you can use less and do more mixing.
poppy red, bright daffodil, lagoon blue, violet and flamingo pink. then i mixed the green and orange.
They're good and worth getting if you are likely to dye ur hair on other occasions or dying ur full hair, as the tubs go quite far. and you can mix colours!
Senevilla · 10 projects
cool! Can you post a how-to and the products you used please? That looks amazing!

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