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I live on the top of the Continental divide and being from Greece the snow really got to me when it was up to my kitchen windows I decided that I wanted to learn how to sew so my husband bought me a sewing machine I taught myself how to sew, making these purchase I didn't realize that I would love sewing so much otherwise I probably would have started way earlier than 51 so these purses are all made with love on a cold snowy Montana day.all these purses are made from recycled jeans and other clothing from around my home.

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You Will Need

Old Carhartt Jeans
Flannel shirts
  • Step 1

    I use my husband sold Carhartt jeans and flannel shirtsand a
    On some I used paints

  • Step 2

    Find old jeans

  • Step 3

    Find flannel shirts

  • Step 4

    I cut the jeans down and either painted them or dressed them to my liking.

  • Step 5

    Have an imagination.

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