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The Mindful Maker
TUNE IN to the colors and shapes of this creative project. Enjoy the repetitive and CALMING nature of working the needle and the SATISFACTION of seeing the color blocks building up. Cutting up colored paper is a good way to try out designs and SOOTHING activity in itself. Use the template and adjust the measurements to fit (include the sides of the stool)—the simple shapes can be adapted to any size..

Posted by Ryland Peters & Small Published See Ryland Peters & Small's 148 projects » © 2022 Clare Youngs / CICO Books · Reproduced with permission. · The Mindful Maker by Clare Youngs, published by CICO Books (£12.99) Photography by Joanna Henderson © CICO Books
  • Step 1

    Draw up your design onto the cloth; you can design your own or use the template. If you have drawn your design onto paper, use some sticky tape to secure it in place on a window. Place the monk’s cloth over the template, making sure that there is an even border around the edge. Secure the cloth with some sticky tape. Trace over the lines with a pen (the pen lines will all be covered up by the design).

  • How to make a stool. Punch Needled Footstool - Step 2
    Step 2

    To attach the cloth to the frame, lay the fabric down over the frame, making sure that the design is centered and there is an even amount of fabric extending on all sides. The fabric has to be very taut as you will not be able to punch into loose fabric. I start by hooking over a section from the middle of each side to get a good tension, all the while making sure that the design is straight and centered. Then hook the rest of the fabric. You can carry on lifting and stretching the fabric all around until it is really tight. Be careful, as the nails in the frame will be very sharp.

  • How to make a stool. Punch Needled Footstool - Step 3
    Step 3

    Cut some thick felt to the lengths of the sides of the frame. Double or triple it over if it is not thick. Baste (tack) these strips to the sides of the frame to cover the nails around the edges of the design. You need to do this to protect your arms as you work; it doesn’t take long and it is important!

  • How to make a stool. Punch Needled Footstool - Step 4
    Step 4

    You are now ready to punch. I start by outlining a shape and going round and round to fill.

  • Step 5

    When you have completed your design and finished off all the loose ends, remove the tacked-on felt and unhook the cloth from the nails and remove it from the frame. The fabric will have stretch holes, where the nails were, but these disappear with a bit of rubbing.

  • How to make a stool. Punch Needled Footstool - Step 6
    Step 6

    Lay the piece over the footstool. Trim off any extra fabric if you need to—there should be enough fabric at the edge to tuck beneath and staple to the underside of the stool. Turn the footstool over and, using the staple gun, start attaching the fabric. It is best to staple the center of each side first to get a good tension. Tuck the fabric in neatly around the legs and staple down.

  • How to make a stool. Punch Needled Footstool - Step 7
    Step 7

    At the corners, fold the fabric at right angles, pull the cloth tightly underneath the stool, and use the staple gun to secure.

    Practice before you get going on a larger project. The great thing about this craft
    is that it is very easy to undo parts to redo them!

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