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Turn yourself into a walking jack o lantern.
A pumpkin mask made of paper mache. The masks are made by applying paper and paste over a stuffed trash bag base. I stuff a trash bag full of crumpled paper and the shape it into a pumpkin with tape and string. I use cardboard toilet paper rolls to create the pumpkin stems. Use a flour and water mix to apply the newspaper over the form. Each layer must dry before the next is added. To smooth the final surface I apply tissue paper. When everything is dry I decide on a face for the pumpkin and then I carefully carve the layers of paper. Once the carving is done I give it a coat off gesso so the news print doesn't show. Then I start painting the pumpkin the colors I want. Once the painting is done, you can add details with an airbrush, pencils, etc. After the paint is dry I spray the pumpkin with a sealer. Then I cut pieces of mesh screen and glue them to the inside of the mask to cover the carved openings. Now you can see out, but people can't see you. To keep the mask in place on my head I used an adjustable hat glued in place. This project is time consuming because there is a lot of drying time, but it is not terribly difficult.

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