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Couples Costumes With Steampunk Influences
hubby wanted us to dress as post-apocalyptic warriors- or something along those lines ;)- for his birthday/Halloween party. i made my skirt (with a removable front panel ;) and over-the-knee spats and goggles from random fabric and other stuff i had at home and a $5 curtain i found at Goodwill. i also made an underbust corset but it didn't look right so i went with the leather vest i already owned.
hubby's coat was a chef's jacket he found at Goodwill. i tore the sleeves off and cinched in the waist since it was baggy. i used the fabric from the sleeves to make the hood, and he added the spikes in a mohawk.
for my goggles, i used connector pieces for plumbing pipes that i spray painted with a bronze color. the brown lenses are form a round pair of glasses, and the blue in the flip-up lens came from a sheet of blue plastic. i used a hinge from one of those tiny wooden boxes you get that you can decorate yourself. since the hinge is really loose, i needed a way to keep that part up when i flipped it up, so i super glued some snaps on each piece to keep it in place. around the goggles is some leather scraps from a leather jacket i bought to take apart and make my corset. hubby's gasmask was also made from some of the leather scraps. i also used some plumbing connector pieces i painted, along with the tops to a salt and pepper set we got at the Dollar Tree.
my gun was a Nerf gun we found at Goodwill as well, that i painted and glued some craft watch gears onto. i also had a grenade we found at the Dollar Tree that i painted to look more realistic.
all in all i'm pretty happy with how they came out :D they definitely have that unperfect touch to it all which goes with our costumes :)

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FrankieStein · 2 projects
I like it Happy You need more weapons though xD To protect yourselves from looters and the like! ;D
fetisha · Mechanicsville, Virginia, US · 36 projects
i know! i wanted to do more, but we were running out of time. i had only a few weeks to get these together, and i literally finished up a few hours before our party! i had another smaller gun that i did first, then we found that awesome nerf gun and i rushed to get that one done. i really needed some holsters, too. i have a whole year til next Halloween, though;)
susie · Glasgow, Scotland, GB · 154 projects
fetisha · Mechanicsville, Virginia, US · 36 projects
thank you Happy

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