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Based on Pony Bead Flower Ring by mommaviv
my flowers went a bit wrong but i think that the craziness of them is awesomes!!
i couldn't find a ring so i just left them like this!!

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lolly p.
lolly p. · 17 projects
thank you!! it was hama beads and i was planning on making it into a bracelet/necklace/anklet but i just haven't had time!!
do you mean a blow torch??
is it unhealthy coz of the poison that comes from the hama beads-is that why you said not to do it in a food oven??
thankyou for all of the comments!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
i love the not so well melted down of your pony beads flowers.
i know why this is, i had the same problems with something like you by doing the same melting hama beads in a shape.LOL
i loved it , like yours.
The problem by me was the not to heathing up to well of my oven.
and.... the same note i want to tell you , don't do this in a food oven.
it's way to unhealthy!!!!
i read that in front of mine experiments and thought aaaw boring, but ... i have regrets of that now.;-S
but... to late.LOL
i have found out you can use the same results with a heathing blowing gun. and then do it outside.!!!! wearing a mask as well, it's just a strong poison we can breath in.-S So be careful ;-D
but i love your results. they are sooo lovely and funny.;-D
mommaviv · Vancouver, Washington, US · 8 projects
I love that your flowers have the holes. Wonder if they could be strung together?

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