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Polymer Clay Earrings

Join me as we make this pair of polymer clay earrings! • Posted by The Little Craft House

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    Gather all your materials and tools. I chose to use 2 different polymer clay colours (Sculpey Premo)

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    Condition and roll out your clay to approximately 3-4mm thick

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    Using your shape cutters - cut a pair of each of your feature pieces. And cut 2 even sizes of your second colour.(using a shape cutter will keep consistency in sizes)

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    Roll your small circles into balls.

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    Using your head pins - push them up through the centre of your feature pieces. Support the shape between your fingers to try to avoid distorting the shape.

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    Now do the same with your balls.

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    You can choose to cure (bake) your clay with the balls attached to the head pins - or remove them - cure separately then re assemble once cool. Cure your clay to the manufactures recommendation. If your clay still feels a little soft - you can pop it back in the oven longer - but don't exceed the temperature.

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    Use your pliers to trim and bend the head pins into a loop o the top of your beads.

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    Attach your hooks and your done! I hope you've enjoyed making this project with me! For other projects and inspo please follow along on my Instagram and YouTube accounts! @thelittlecrafthouseaus