Cut Out + Keep

Playing Card Notebook

Keep your poker face by hiding your secrets away in a playing card notebook. • Posted by Cat Morley

You will need

Project Budget


0 h 50


Nice & Simple
Medium card



  1. Small 1663

    Starting with the card, this will be our back sheet, mark where you want the hole studs to go.

  2. Small 1664

    Punch in the hole studs.

  3. Small 1665

    Do the same for the playing card.

  4. Small 1666

    Punch holes in to the sheets of paper in the correct places.

  5. Small 1667

    You will now have your three piles. Open up the jump rings using needle nose pliers.

  6. Small 1668

    Slip the jump rings through the piles and then close them up.