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paper flowers
I don't know what this technique is called... o_o

Posted by S. M. Lee from Bremen, Bremen, Germany • Published See S. M. Lee's 12 projects »


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Duaa-e-Aamina · Shikārpur, Sindh, PK · 3 projects
Fawn V.
Fawn V.
This is called quilling.

It is a beautiful work done by winding strips of paper and then shaping them.

There are many sites and books that show and explain each step and some awesome work, like yours.

Today, like most crafts, there sems to be a lot of 'stuff' called needs that manufacturers claim you need.

If you use your imagination and look around at what you have around the house, you could probably get by without buying most of the 'stuff'.

For instance, if you have templates for scrqapbooking or cardmaking, then you do nto need to purchase the cardboard template.

needles wiht large enough eyes were used in the past, as well as toothpicks and just rolling with the fingers.

I have even used wooden skewer sticks, which are pretty low cost.

If you do not have templates, look for different size lids, and make do with those.

If you can get a pair of tweezers from that nail kit you got as a gift, there you have those.

Glue is needed, but any paper glue will due, a slow drying one is better, but not necessary, because strips of paper can be made easily.

This craft does not need the perfection that manufacturers want you to believe you need.

If you can cut steady, then cut your own strips. If not then get a very low cost paper cutter and cut your own strips.

Really the cost of pre-cut strips, would be like buying prime rib and having them grind it up to make hamburger.

*Witchy Rachie*
*Witchy Rachie* · Holon, IL · 70 projects
Ah! I should know the name of this... perhaps "paper curling"? Whatever it's called, yours is beautiful. Happy
S. M. Lee
S. M. Lee · Bremen, Bremen, DE · 12 projects
quilling! thank you, now I can look for other quillted projects online!
Candice C.
Candice C. · Wylie, Texas, US · 49 projects
quilling! you did a beautiful job Happy

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