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My Personal Life Manga
This is a manga I am writing going off my own personal life. What the girl (me), says is a quote I pulled out of my journal. What he says, is also a is something he really would say. These are all based off real life people in my life. (he talks like that, no lie). So Here is the first page :) I will be creating more as time goes by. This being the first one I have ever done, it had taken me quite some time.

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Ipsita K.
Ipsita K. · 9 projects
these are AWESOME!!
could you check mine out too??
bearrrie · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 11 projects
so pro mann
Anita ♥
Anita ♥ · Campeche, Campeche, MX · 19 projects
I like yor style... I draw manga stuff but I've never ended a manga.
good job!
Devil Eye Artwork
Devil Eye Artwork · Avondale, Arizona, US · 43 projects
Hey Sugar! Yes I got it Happy I needed to buy more stationary so it has taken me a bit lol. As for reading it, the order is right to left Happy I will have more up as time goes on Happy And they will be probably left to right. (Right to left is incredibly hard for me)
Riechan · Limbourg, Walloon Region, BE · 21 projects
a question
How do I read it (just in case)
from right to left or from left to right? (I am talking about the text'balloons')
Great to see some manga work on here !!!!! Way to go
Sugarlishes · Fort Hood, Texas, US · 136 projects
ooooh i want to see more Happy pst did you get my letter yet, the one with the orange envelope Happy

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