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make stars with 2 materials!
This used to give me nightmares as a child. The idea of sitting through another crafts class, without knowing how to get by was terrifying. But, one day my friend sat me down and walked me through this tutorial. And since then, it's been easy peasy :) Hope it helps you too!

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  • How to fold an origami shape. Origami Stars - Step 1
    Step 1

    - Take 4 strips of paper (3 x 56 cms) & fold each in half, cut the top of each of them in a slant.

    - Place the pink strip sideways. Fold the orange over the red one, pointing down. Fold blue over green. Fold yellow over blue. Tuck yellow inside the red one. Push the strips together to make a square.

    - Fold one side of each strip back over the square in this order: yellow, blue and orange.

    - Weave the pink strip under the yellow.

  • How to fold an origami shape. Origami Stars - Step 2
    Step 2

    - Bend the top orange strip forward, making a triangle.

    - Bend the top orange strip over to the side, making another triangle.

    - Twist the top orange strip down the front and under the pink strip. Pull it tight and crease the line.

    - Cut the excess orange strip, so it’s even with the bottom of the pink strip that it’s tucked under. And repeat these actions with the pink strip on the left, yellow strip at the bottom and blue strip on the right.

  • How to fold an origami shape. Origami Stars - Step 3
    Step 3

    - Now, fold the yellow strip on the top rightwards and press the lines to create a crease.

    - Next, follow the same steps 5 and 6 for the yellow strip.

    - Fold the yellow strip under the blue strip.

    - Cut the excess strip at the bottom edge of the blue strip. Repeat these steps for the remaining strips.

  • How to fold an origami shape. Origami Stars - Step 4
    Step 4

    There are so many ways in which these stars can be used! We used them them to decorate an old candle votive, mark wine glasses, cover napkins and as ornaments. You can even make multiple woven stars and put them up as wall decor. Simple to do?

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