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One Tiered Flounce Capris (great for belly dancing)
Ruffled pantaloons are quite the trend in Tribal Style BD. This is an easy peasy version. Check out etsy and look up Kathleen Crowley or Creations by Angelia...they are goddesses of BD wardrobe.

Posted by Etta P. from Bunn, North Carolina, United States • Published
  • Step 1

    Now, take the circumference of the hem and use the handy dandy compass and draw it out onto the cardboard. Now decide how long you want your flounce to be, mine is 6". Draw that one, too. Cut the smaller circle out, the larger hollow circle. Lay out your fabric flat on the floor, cut the smaller circle out (save it for something else really cool) and then cut the larger hollow fabric. Do this twice as you have 2 legs. Simply sew them into the hem of the gauchos. Hem the end of the flounce. Done! I'm letting my brocade fray a bit, because, something tells me I'm not quite done with this project.

  • Step 2

    I took a pair of gauchos my 12 year old daughter thought were horrid. I thought they were meant to be something else so, I just measured the circumference of the hem of the gauchos. Sorry, no pic, just put them on and have someone take a tape measure, or you could do the fancy algebraic thingy.

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Sara N.
Sara N. · Littleton, Colorado, US
very nice.
Katia Ruby
Katia Ruby · Portland, Oregon, US · 4 projects
Tribal bellydance references for the win!!

Thank you for posting, these look great!

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