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Cut Those Trousers!
I watched the video by Threadbanger on Youtube and Decided to make turn my trousers into a dress.

It's not exactly Perfect but I love it!

You could watch that video or read my How-To-Do Although I don't have the pictures.

Posted by Imsu from Kohima, Nagaland, India • Published See Imsu's 7 projects »
  • Step 1

  • Step 2

    Firstly, Get yourself a pair or old trousers. It could be men's trousers to get a better fit but I had used my old ones.

  • Step 3

    Then Cut the Legs of the pants just near the crotch area.

  • Step 4

    Open the Stitches of each of the legs and iron them to get flattened pieces of cloth.

  • Step 5

    Put the two pieces of cloth from the trousers and put them together and then draw an Hour-Glass shape on it of your SIZE and cut it.

  • Step 6

    Turn the pieces inside out and then sew them along the lines.

  • Step 7

    On the Back portion, attach a zipper.

    If you need help with that you could watch this video on youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zuOFD9izBw

    or Read an article on it - http://www.ehow.com/how_14842_zipper.html

    But I did it by TRIAL AND ERROR. >_<

  • Step 8

    And then, You try it on and You're done!

    Good Luck Everyone!

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Christine  B.
Christine B. · 6 projects
the shirt looks awesome.
Sin & Bone
Sin & Bone · Manchester, Tennessee, US · 2 projects
omg this is just another reason why i LOVE threadbanger. i'm making this asap!
Roxanne M.
Roxanne M. · Chicago, Illinois, US · 27 projects
your version is cuter. the one in the vid is ok.but i can make a better one.
Courtney Couture
Courtney Couture · Keller, Texas, US · 20 projects
that is sooo cool!! i have to try that with some old uniform trousers

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