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its rather durable!
well, okay, my how-to is going to be a bit suck-ish
since I'm too lazy to make another one today, and I didnt take pictures when I was making it originally, no pictures!
so sorry about that >.<
but it is really easy, so I dont think my lack of pictures will totally make this impossible or anything.

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  • Step 1

  • Step 2

    first, find a page of newspaper you like, I like having a colorful picture on one side, and print on the other.

  • Step 3

    I didnt do this using very precise measurements, but basically cut out a piece of newspaper as wide as you want your bag to be, and 2 1/2 times as long as you want it to be (for both sides, and bottom of bag)

  • Step 4

    now, using the tape, basically laminate it, on both sides, and make sure its totally covered. its okay if its layered thicker in some places than others, and dont worry about wrinkles and creases in the paper as you do this, they are bound to happen.
    I'm sure actually laminating it would work just as well, probably better :P

  • Step 5

    now bend the ends in, to make a horseshoe shape, that will basically be what your bag looks like in the end, open.
    (dont fold it!)

  • Step 6

    the sides that fold in, on the handbag are semi-ovals.
    so from the above step, eyeball how big the semi ovals are going to need to be, and cut out a piece of pretty newspaper that is a little bigger than you think it should be.

  • Step 7

    cover the semi-ovals in tape, just like step 4

  • Step 8

    fit the ovals in the horseshoe shaped spaces, and tape them in, from the inside. you can use as much tape as you want, I just sort of did three layers, to hold everything in, and keep it sturdy.

  • Step 9

    crease the semi-ovals (now taped in place)
    in the middle, so that the bag will close properly when finished

  • Step 10

    now take about a three inch across strip of newspaper (from the top of the page to the bottom)
    and cut it out
    (this will be the handles)

  • Step 11

    cover in tape
    (or laminate)

  • Step 12

    fold the strip of laminated paper in half, and then cut.
    then, keep those two shorter strips together, and cut into six one inch strips.

  • Step 13

    tape together three of these, on the end, and then braid.
    repeat with other strips, next.

  • Step 14

    now you have your handles, tape each strip on one side of your bag, the ends should be about five inches apart from eachother.
    make sure they line up when the bag is closed!

  • Step 15

    now, last bit!
    sew a button between the handles. It can be on either side, but I happened to put mine on the text side of the bag, to give it more color.

  • Step 16

    make a little clasp for your button, by taking a small piece of leftover laminated newspaper, and creating a loop, now tape it to the opposite side of the bag, from your button, and make sure it closes!

    thats all!

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Rae Rae The Jet Plane
Rae Rae The Jet Plane · Los Angeles, California, US · 1 project
I like it and I'll try it!
Eve S.
Eve S. · 9 projects
haha thats so weird, it skipped step one
gazliazeem · Dubai, Dubai, AE · 7 projects
i m waiting to see the how toooo................jus luv the bag
Shivi · Perth, Western Australia, AU · 14 projects
I wonder if you could adapt it to make bigger bag, like a tote bag, that would be cool
Creative Origins
Creative Origins · Stuart, Florida, US · 24 projects
Fantastic! You simply must show us how!
Eve S.
Eve S. · 9 projects
I laminated strips of newspaper, and then braided them for the handle
Lilim · 17 projects
Cute did you twist the handle?
Eve S.
Eve S. · 9 projects
aw thanks.
Im busy at the moment, but maybe tomorrow I'll make a how to.
it was really quite simple.
Riechan · Limbourg, Walloon Region, BE · 21 projects
I would love a howto!!
Really cute bag !!
Sarie · Chicago, Illinois, US · 13 projects
Please make a how-to! Happy
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