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Mokona is <3
Oh well, this isn´t only my first how-to, it´s the first time I explain a crochet project in english.
So it might be a little confusing...or very confusing.

Nonetheless: Create tons of Mokonas - white and black - to make the earth a happier place.

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  • How to make a Mokona Modoki plushie. Mini Mokona - Step 1
    Step 1

    At first make 2 chains, then crochet 5 single crochets into the first chain.
    In the 2. round double every stitch.
    In the 3. every second, in the 4. every third...in 7. every sixth.
    And hooray, we just made Mokonas booty.

    Crochet 8 rounds; that should make 16 rows made of 35 stitches.
    This is also a good time starting to stuff your new friend.

    Now in the 17. round crochet every 6th and 7th single crochet together, crochet a normal round, then crochet every 5th and 6th single crochet together, do a normal round...
    Continue this until crocheting every 2nd and 3rd single crochet together.
    Then stuff a little more, grab a needle and close the hole.

    Yay, we made an egg.
    In the back you can see Batman approving this.

  • How to make a Mokona Modoki plushie. Mini Mokona - Step 2
    Step 2

    For the feet we need a little circle made of 5 single crochets like the one in step 1.
    Double every stitch in the next round and every 5th in following one.

    Crochet 8 rounds and put the stuffing in.

    Now crochet every 3rd and 4th single crochet together, in the next round every 1st and 2nd.
    Grab a needle, close the hole.

  • How to make a Mokona Modoki plushie. Mini Mokona - Step 3
    Step 3

    Now his trusty ears.

    For them we crochet 13 rows consisting of 2 single crochets.
    In the 14th row crochet the 2 single crochets together.
    Then crochet around the edges.

  • How to make a Mokona Modoki plushie. Mini Mokona - Step 4
    Step 4

    Last extremities: The arms

    Crochet 2 rows consisting of 2 single crochets. Create one single crochet in the 3rd row like you did it with the ears.
    Then crochet around the edges. Like you did it with the ears.

  • How to make a Mokona Modoki plushie. Mini Mokona - Step 5
    Step 5

    This is optional, but I like to oranize my stuff with the help of Crochetman.
    NO it´s NOT Batman!
    It´s still Bruce Wayne, but he changed his profession.

  • How to make a Mokona Modoki plushie. Mini Mokona - Step 6
    Step 6

    Okay, all the needed pieces are finished.
    Now let´s put them together, sew on the red bead (can also be blue or green. Yellow is inadvisable, that´s the creator-mode) and stitch a happy little face.

    Tadaa, you´re done :3



Kitty C.
Kitty C.
Eeeeeep!!! XD That's the cutest little white meat bun thing I've ever seeeen!! I WILL make this!! ...one day!! XD
Gracie T.
Gracie T. · Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, US
Das ist toll~<3 ich liebe Mokona :3
Gotta love that adorable little bunny pork bun thing
Nice. But my English is bad + I'm not good at croching... So it is impossible for me to make Happy I wish it was in German, so I could try to do it...
Sailorshame · 11 projects
first time i saw this without the name and next i saw that it was crochet and i am sadHappy i can't make tjhat U_______U
Autumn S.
Autumn S.
One correction. The 8 rounds should be 36 stitches, not 35. Happy Just thought you'd like to know that's how mine turned out when counted.
Kristen P.
Kristen P. · Elizabeth, New Jersey, US · 2 projects
Mokona Morokai (sp) ready to go! Waaaaaaaaah hoooooooooooo!!!

He's so cute ^__^ I needs to make a few for my boyfriend and his family >.>
jessicabear · 4 projects
this is so cute Happy
it's gone to the top of my to-make list Tongue
thanksss x
loving crochetman <3
Kaeci · La Porte, Texas, US
Your Mokona makes me happy to look at it. I can't wait to try this. You did a wonderful job creating Mokona. Thank you for sharing your pattern. Happy
Liz Usui
Liz Usui · Buenos Aires, AR · 9 projects
so cute!!! Perphap I'll do one....the problem is that I won´t have Crochetman as asistant ...I'll need a subtitute ...hehe

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