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Magical Mixed Media Mermaid Bottles!
Make mermaid bottles to hold sand from your last beach vacation or to fill with bath salts!

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  • How to make a piece of seasonal decor. Mermaid Bottles - Step 2
    Step 1

    Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paints
    Images of mermaids
    E-6000 Glue
    Seashells, pearls and gems
    Americana Decoupage in Gloss
    Glitter and holographic tapes
    *I used silver, blue and green glitter and blue holographic tape from the 99c store
    Teflon scissors if you can find them
    *Teflon scissors are great for cutting tape because they don't get gunky

  • How to make a piece of seasonal decor. Mermaid Bottles - Step 3
    Step 2

    1. Spray paint the bottle in a shade of blue that you like
    2. & 3. Decoupage the image of the mermaid to the bottle with Americana Decoupage in Gloss
    4. Cut the silver glitter tape in triangles and place them around the mermaid image
    5. & 6. Continue cutting glitter and holographic triangles and placing them around the bottle
    *Cover the entire bottle
    7. Add rows of stick on gems along the sides of the triangles emanating from the image and around the neck and mouth of the bottle
    8. & 9. Glue a few large gems around the image with E-6000
    10. & 11. Decorate around the triangles and along the strips of gems with the Allure
    *I used Glitter Lime Shine, Turquoise Gloss, Metallic Jade and Glitter Green
    12. Add shells and pearls with more E-6000 until you're happy with it

  • Step 3

    Watch the fun video tutorial here:

  • How to make a piece of seasonal decor. Mermaid Bottles - Step 4
    Step 4

    1. Shave a wine cork to fit in the bottle
    2. Drill a small hole through the top
    3. Fold an 8" wire in half and coat it with E-6000 glue then insert in the shell to dry
    4. Coat the rest of the wire in E-6000 and insert it in the cork to dry
    5. & 6. Embellish with shells and pearls then paint the cork to match

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