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Make House Slippers Out Of Fabric
Have you ever felt a pity for faded jeans? All the fabrics remain intact except for color fading. Actually old jeans could be made full use as long as you get your imagination started. House slippers out of jeans will be a brand-new style distinguished from traditional materials of cotton fabric or felt. In order to taste the fresh feeling, we have tried to make slippers from old jeans.
Trust me jeans house slippers are much more comfortable than you'll never know unless you have a try in person. And its unique style will definitely get your guests' compliment. How about learning to make slippers and showing your special appreciation and creativity? Let me direct you the process of making special jeans bow decorated slippers.


  • How to make a fabric scarf. Make House Slippers Out Of Fabric - Step 1
    Step 1

    Cut out three pieces of sole pattern for each foot from your old jeans by measuring your feet or your shoes; make sole with cotton lining to make it more comfortable; prepare a roll of fabric strip. Then cut out two pieces of vamp pattern for each foot; hem both top and bottom ends with fabric strip; fabric strip is stitched as the pic shows (the left one is inner side of vamp and the right one is its right side).

  • How to make a fabric scarf. Make House Slippers Out Of Fabric - Step 2
    Step 2

    Lay the cotton lining between two jeans sole patterns; hem along the edges of sole; fabric strip is stitched as the vamp hem; seam the vamp and sole with blanket stitches; sew the third jeans sole pattern at the bottom. Hem the edges after the combination of vamp and sole again. Make a bow out of jeans; suture the bow embellishment onto the slipper by sewing.

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