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Magazine Art and Junk Journals
Turn your magazines into an endless supply of art journals!

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  • How to make a piece of recycled art. Magazine Art & Junk Journals  - Step 1
    Step 1

    Art Foamies Stamps
    Americana Acrylic Paints
    Magazines with thick paper (National Geographic works, too)
    Band saw
    Citri Solv (Natural Cleaner)

  • How to make a piece of recycled art. Magazine Art & Junk Journals  - Step 2
    Step 2

    1. & 2. Mark and cut your magazine in half with a band saw
    *I prefer a band saw to a jigsaw because it's easier to control the magazine
    3. & 4. Drill holes at the binding 1" from each edge and then thread and tie ribbon in a bow or knot
    *This keeps the pages from falling out
    5. Coat each page in Citri Solv to dissolve the ink a little
    6. While wet, close the journal and let sit for about 20 minutes
    *When you open the journal your pages will look mottled and marbled!
    7. When the pages are dry I like to stamp them with Art Foamies using Americana Acrylic Paints
    *Americana Acrylics dry matte so they're perfect for glossy pages (no stick)
    8. & 9. I create ombre effects by blending paint on the Stamp Buddy and then carefully pressing my Art Foamies into the mixture
    10. Next I embellish the pages any way I want
    11. & 12. Go crazy with different Art Foamies designs and paint away!

  • Step 3

    Watch how to make them here!

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