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For your little mad scientist.
A cake fashioned to be a mad scientist lab table. This would be fun for Halloween party or for a birthday for a kid who loves science and Halloween such as my nephew. This cake isn't entirely my creation, I stole the idea for a flask cake from the website listed.

Posted by Holly R. from Boise, Idaho, United States • Published See Holly R.'s 4 projects »
  • Step 1

    The base: The base is just a 9 inch X 13 inch cake. Any kind of cake will do. I actually made this cake using yellow and fudge cake mixes. I followed the directions on the back of the box except I added a a heaping tablespoon of mayo. I know what you are thinking eww, huh. The mayo makes the cake incredibly moist. I hate mayo, it's all I can do to open a jar or it, but you don't taste the mayo in the cake. I promise. It's a trick my mother-in-law has been using forever. Save the leftover batter for the flask.

    Once you let it cool. Flip the cake over, I always cut the top off so that it's flat, and frost the cake with white frosting.

  • Step 2

    Flask: I did mine slightly different than the familyfun version. Please look at the link it's a really cool cake.

    I took the leftover batter from the base and poured it into a oven-safe bowl, remember to grease the bowl first. I forgot what size I used. I just took all the oven-safe bowls out of the cupboard and found what size I liked. Let that cake cool then cut the top off and flip it over and put it on top of the base.

    Frost that orange or whatever neon color you wish. I just used food coloring and white frosting. Next take something tall, I used a plastic cup, familyfun used a paper towel roll, and put that on top of the bowl cake. Then frost it. Ya, I said frost it. Use the same color of frosting as the frosting on the bowl cake. Try to make it look seamless.

    Next use black piping and add the flask markings and numbers.

    The smoke is cotton candy. Use whatever color you used for the frosting. THIS IS IMPORTANT. The cotton candy will dissolve once it touches the frosting. It doesn't happen fast, you have about 15 minutes until it starts to look terrible. So put this on last, right before you serve it.

  • Step 3

    The skull jello: The skull glass, is just that, a glass. Sorry. It's just a glass I had lying around. I made the jello and put little mini brains (gummy candies)in it.

    I made the jello with tonic water. This makes the jello taste terrible, but it also makes it fluoresce under black light, which is pretty wicked. No matter what color your jello is the jello will look a glowing blue under a black light. You don't have to include the tonic water if you want to actually eat the jello.

    Directions to make jello glow in the dark can be found at this website: http://chemistry.about.com/od/glowinthedarkprojects/a/glowingjello.htm

  • Step 4

    Finishing the cake: This is where this cake gets expensive. I added a lot of candies and sprinkles to make it look like a mad scientist lab. Really just use what you have at home or what you can find around town. Get creative! Hooray.

    This is what I included: I had a cake stencil that was made to look like drops of blood. I used this stencil and some blue food color in a spray can (both or these things can be bought at (Micheal's, although the stencil was just out for Halloween.)This created a chemical stained table, you could also just drip food coloring in spots.

    After that I used different colored crystal sprinkles to look like powdered chemicals.

    I then put my skull jello in the corner ( I had to make a stand for it that sat in the cake the glass wanted to fall over.)

    Then I stacked 4 chocolate eyeballs near the flask and stacked my gummy creatures in a jar where ever they would fit. I got these at Walmart, they tasted terrible, but looked awesome. Reminded me a Professor Snape's laboratory. They were these plastic cups full of liquid candy with a small gummy animal inside. Creatures included snakes, spiders, mice, ect...

    I then put the candles on and wrote "Patrick's Lab" in black frosting. The candles were neon candles. I didn't expect them to react to the black light like that.

    Lastly I added a gummy rat on the edge and chocolate eyeballs around the cake.

    One more thing of course! The black light. I hung a black light from the cupboard doors. I used a big one, I don't know what kind, but it was about 3 feet long. The small regular sized bulbs don't put out much light.

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Holly R.
Holly R. · Boise, Idaho, US · 4 projects
Thanks guys!
Twizzy · Brighton, Michigan, US · 18 projects
Woah. Thats cool. Im totally diggin the glow effects you got going on there.
Cassandra · 48 projects
Fléance · Berlin, Berlin, DE · 6 projects
luv it!
Charleen W.
Charleen W. · 1 project
So much Better then the flask cake !!!
Melissa Beth
Melissa Beth · McLean, Virginia, US · 90 projects
This is fabulous!

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