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Lotus Blossom Tutorial

Beautiful Lotus...Anytime...Anywhere. • Posted by Lanie V.

This is a lovely Lotus Blossom...enjoy!

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This is a lovely Lotus Blossom...enjoy!


  1. Small a29 1282254650

    To make this Lotus Blossom you will need 8 small pieces of paper for the flower portion of the project. Each piece measures 6 inches long by 3 inches wide. 4 pieces of green paper for the leaf portion of the project. Each pieces measures the same...6 inches long by 3 Inches wide.

  2. Small a6 1282254971

    Start with the flower portion first. Take one of the rectangles, and fold in half lengthwise.

  3. Small a24 1282255084

    Here is your folded piece. Make sure that the colour is shown on the outside.

  4. Small a19 1282255178

    Next, you are going to open it, and fold the 4 corners down so that it meets the center line that you just folded in step 3.

  5. Small a27 1282255322

    Bring one side toward that center line and fold...Do the same on the other side.

  6. Small a5 1282255412

    Here is what the model should look like now.

  7. Small a28 1282255495

    Then we are going to fold the model in half - BACK on itself using that center line that we created in step two. The paper should be open at the top. Create 7 more of these for a total of 8 modules.

  8. Small a7 1282255784

    Now we have our 8 modules, next we are going to fold our green pieces of paper which are the leaf portions of our blossom

  9. Small a4 1282255898

    Take one of the green pieces of paper, and fold lengthwise as shown.

  10. Small a2 1282255981

    Unfold and fold the four corners toward the middle center line as before. (sorry, my paper is dual colored.)

  11. Small a3 1282256112

    Fold one side toward the middle centre line, and then do the same for the other side.

  12. Small a9 1282256208

    NOW THIS TIME, when you fold the module in half, you will fold it bring the sides in together. Make all 4 of these modules.

  13. Small a18 1282256369

    This is what the green ones should look like.

  14. Small a20 1282256445

    Here are ALL of our modules, and we are ready to rock!

  15. Small a22 1282256545

    Next we are going to divide our modules into 4 bundles. Each bundle will consist of 2 red modules and one green module.

  16. Small a11 1282256679

    We are going to pick up the green module first. Then we are going to lay a red module over the green one. Then we are going to take the last red one in our group and lay it on top. They will fit nicely together. Do this with all 4 groups.

  17. Small a26 1282257003

    This is what our stack should look like.

  18. Small a14 1282257113

    Next are going to tie a string tightly around the middle. Cut off the excess.

  19. Small a15 1282257244

    Using the centre string as a guide fold the modules in half so that it spread out like the diagram.

  20. Small a10 1282257749

    Turn module over. Take one red piece and start folding up towards the string as shown. If you look at step 19, there are a total of 8 "sections". Once you fold up one petal, skip the next "section", and fold up the next one. So all in all, you only fold up 4 petals in this step.

  21. Small a25 1282258056

    This is what you should have so far....a petal in every other section. Now we are going to fold up the petals that we skipped over in step 20.

  22. Small a1 1282258197 we have completed our first layer of petals. We are going to continue to completing the second layer of petals in the exact same way. The reason why we stagger the petals like this is to create a realistic effect.

  23. Small a21 1282258381

    We've almost got the petals done....

  24. Small a12 1282258441

    Yay! The Petals are done! Now grab a very small paint brush so we can use the handle of it to slightly curl back the petals.

  25. Small a13 1282258548

    Almost done! Now it's really starting to come alive. We are going to slightly curl up the petals...see next step.

  26. Small a16 1282258656

    Kinda hard to tell, but the leaf tip is actually pointing UP, not down.

  27. Small a8 1282258756

    You did it!