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Red and Gold Earrings and bracelet
I don`t have my ears pierced so I made these for a craft sale. Hope you like it!

Posted by Lili Elza from Ipswich, England, United Kingdom • Published See Lili Elza's 8 projects »
  • Step 1

    Earring: To get started, cut off two pieces of wire about 10 cm`s or less. Add on 10 yellow beads and then one big red bead. Add on another 10 yellow beads.Now hold the two wire ends together and add on a small red bead. go through that red bead with both wires from top to bottom and then back.Get your earring hook and tie a knot like this: hold your wires together, go through the hook once, and then again, and tie a simple knot once or twice. Any wire left after tying the knot you should slide hem back through the little red bead again.

    Now do the other earring like this one and then you`re done!

  • Step 2

    Bracelet: Simply cut off a wire about 30 cm`s or more, and start sliding on the beads in this pattern: 10 yellow,1 red, 10 yellow one red etc.

    At the end, tie a knot and any wire left you should slide back in the ending bead.

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