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Kawaii Tooth Plushie

How to make a cute kawaii teeth plushie! :) • Posted by CraftyRainbowSparkles

Kawaii tooth plush hand made from felt.

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Kawaii tooth plush hand made from felt.


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    What you will need: White felt Pink felt Black Felt White Thread Pink Thread Black Thread Pins (optional) Needle Scissors Paper (optional)

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    First cut out a tooth shape from white felt. (or paper first then trace/pin onto felt and cut out) If you want to make your plushie the same size as mine use these mesurements >(3.7cm width, 5cm height, 1cm from bottom to middle)

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    Make two of these by tracing you original shape onto more white felt and cutting it out.

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    Cut out two pink ovals for the cheeks and two black eye shapes

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    Sew the cheeks using a fell stich on with pink thread. Sew on the eyes and sew on a mouth.

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    Also sew on a bow using a fell stich. (this step is optional but looks cute!)

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    Then using white thread sew the two teeth shapes togeth using a blanket stich. You could add finding to turn it into a charm. When you are near the end you could stuff it but I decided not to. I hope you make this! Send me pictures. I hope it is easy and i have explained things well as it is my first tutorial. :)