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Life itself IS the proper binge.
Use this pattern and make your own Julia Child "Life itself is the proper binge" ornament/wall hanging out of felt. Perfect for your kitchen, your tree, your office, your life, etc.

Hang it proudly and remind yourself of the fabulously fearless Julia Child--and to put more butter into your recipe. Makes a great gift for a friend or project for a craft night.

When you finish your project it will be ~4.23" round.

Note: These instructions are cut out all, then glue all at the end. You may also glue as you go—that’s if you might
be interrupted while you work and are worried about misplacing pieces.

Posted by Missy C. from St Paul, Minnesota, United States • Published See Missy C.'s 7 projects »
  • 2018-10-10-192038-Julia+Child+Binge.pdf 5.65 MB [ Download ]
  • Step 1

    Print out this PDF—instructions and pattern.

  • Step 2

    Cut out all paper pattern pieces—only cut outlines except where marked (other lines inside the piece are
    guides for stitch detail).

  • Step 3

    Cut out approximate-sized pieces of felt in noted colors/quantities for each pattern piece (I find it better to
    have smaller pieces to work with before taping).

  • Step 4

    Tape down pattern pieces to felt in the colors indicated on the pattern—being careful not to tape over places
    where you’re going to do stitch detail. This step is technically optional—you don’t have to tape—but your life
    will be so much better for it.

  • Step 5

    Cut one piece of ribbon/rick-rack for ornament hanging. (Optional! Approx 6” long, though this is up to you.)

  • Step 6

    Cut out one large dark blue background circle.

  • Step 7

    Re-tape the circle pattern piece on another piece of dark blue felt and cut that out as well.

  • How to make a plushies & friends. Julia Child "Life Itself Is The Proper Binge" Ornament - Step 8
    Step 8

    Using the backstitch (shown below), and black thread (2 strands), stitch lettering onto the smaller light grey
    circle piece. Use your paper pattern as a guide. Smaller stitches are better for looks and pattern removal.
    (For tips on stitching letters—see here: http://craftsubversive.blogspot.com/2017/03/techniques-stitchlettering.html)

  • Step 9

    Stitch the inner circle dash detail onto the circle using 6 strands of medium blue thread.

  • Step 10

    Cut out the circle you just stitched and carefully remove paper pattern. Set aside for now.

  • Step 11

    Using the backstitch, stitch detailing onto the face/body piece. This is fine work, so in most cases you’ll
    separate out and use only 2 strands of your 6 strand embroidery floss.
    • Nose detail— 2 strands of black thread
    • Eye lid detail—2 strands of black thread
    • Tongue detail—2 strands of black thread
    • Chin—2 strands black thread
    • Eyebrow—6 strands of brown thread
    • Lips— 2 strands of pink thread
    • Face detail (chin, laugh lines)— 2 strands cream thread

  • How to make a plushies & friends. Julia Child "Life Itself Is The Proper Binge" Ornament - Step 12
    Step 12

    Using a french knot technique (shown below), stitch the white earring and the necklace detail onto the face/
    body piece as well.

  • Step 13

    Cut out body and carefully remove paper pattern. Set aside.

  • Step 14

    Cut out hair piece.

  • Step 15

    Using the backstitch and medium blue thread, stitch seam details onto the shirt piece.

  • Step 16

    Using the french knot technique, stitch button detail onto the shirt piece.

  • Step 17

    Cut out the shirt piece, and carefully remove the paper pattern.

  • Step 18

    Cut out the shirt collar pieces.

  • Step 19

    Using the backstitch and 2 strands of red thread, stitch the “3” onto the chef’s button.

  • Step 20

    Cut out the chef’s button and carefully remove the paper pattern.

  • Step 21

    Now it’s time to glue the body together.

  • Step 22

    Glue the collar pieces onto the shirt piece.

  • Step 23

    Glue the button onto the shirt piece.

  • Step 24

    Glue the whole shirt piece onto the body piece.

  • Step 25

    Glue the hair piece onto the body piece.

  • Step 26

    Form a loop with the ribbon and glue the ends in between the dark blue background circle pieces. Be sure
    to do this far enough away from the edge so you can still easily stitch without having to go through glue (err
    toward the center).

  • How to make a plushies & friends. Julia Child "Life Itself Is The Proper Binge" Ornament - Step 27
    Step 27

    Using the overcast stitch (shown below) and dark blue thread, stitch your two dark blue background circle
    pieces together around the edges.(You may glue down the loose ends as you please—I tuck them inside
    the two layers and glue.)

  • Step 28

    Now—take your stitched light grey circle background and your main body piece and position them, without
    gluing, onto the dark blue background circle. You want to move them around so that it’s laid out how you
    want it (paying attention to how it will hang, if you’re making the ornament). Make sure that the body piece
    isn’t blocking the lettering. The body will overspill the smaller circle onto the larger outer circle.

  • Step 29

    Glue the body onto the stitched dark grey circle piece.

  • Step 30

    Glue the whole body + circle piece to the dark blue main circle (after re-checking and making sure it’s in the
    position that you want it).

    Ornament/Wall Hanging:
    Complete as instructed. Special supplies needed: Ribbon/rick-rack for hanging.
    Complete without the hanging ribbon. Attach button pin to the back. This may be attached through the fabric
    (complete before stitching the two back circles together), or it may be attached to the back (stitch on before
    stitching the two back circles together, or place on back and hot glue a bit of felt over it to secure/cover the pin
    Special supplies needed: Button back pin or safety pin.
    Complete without the hanging ribbon. Hot glue a magnet to the back of the completed ornament. Alternately, if
    you want to be fancy and have an invisible magnet, create a felt pocket inside the back layer of the ornament,
    then stitch it shut with the magnet inside to secure a magnet.
    Special supplies needed: Magnet.

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