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Summer's here! Jackets off, arm candy on. This is the ultimate in statement bracelets.

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  • How to make a braided bracelet. Indian Summer Tassel Bracelet - Step 1
    Step 1


    Tie the diamante strip to the bangle using one of the embroidery threads.

    Begin to wrap the thread around the bangle and diamante securing them together. Tip: Wrap the floss around the shorter thread to keep it hidden and secure.

    Continue to wrap all the way around the bangle. Leave around 1cm between the beginning and end of the diamante to tie the tassels onto later.

    To make the tassels, wrap embroidery thread around a regular sized credit card. Around an inch thick should do it. Leave at least 3 - 4 inches of thread on the end.

    Pull all of the thread off keeping it together as a loop. Wrap the extra thread around the top of the loop.

    Tie this up securely.

    Make more of these tassels in a variety of bright colours.

    Take one thread from the body of the tassel.

    Use this to tie onto the bangle in the space between the diamante.

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