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making a stand for the rabbit op floor mache paste from scraps and recyled materials.
On the first tute of making the tiny figure of paper mache paste, i had promised you all to make a tute of making the stand.
Its really easy and its from scraps which i allready had at home. and everything is really cheap.
The parasol i had got that from a dear friend as a special gift, so i had keep it for m any years, but it was sooooo old so i had to make it a little bit stronger.LOL
And some of you know that i love durable products. Its so sad when you have done such a long time of making nice and pretty things and its after a small time gone-S
So i always try to make things a little bit strong and durable;-D
You can always use a figute that you allready had insteade off the paste figure i used. Be creative and have fun.;-D
I hope you like it and feel free to asked my anything that you don't understand,;-D

Posted by Jet H. from Haarlem, North Holland, The Netherlands • Published See Jet H.'s 107 projects »
  • How to make a decoration. I'm In Love; D - Step 1
    Step 1

    pick a bowl from a dessert which size is matching with your figure.

  • How to make a decoration. I'm In Love; D - Step 2
    Step 2

    marking the size of the upside from the bowl out on the polysterne plate. and cut it out with a knife
    Do the same with the open underside of the bowl for the carton. and cut this out with a scissors.

  • How to make a decoration. I'm In Love; D - Step 3
    Step 3

    glue the polysterne circle on the top with WHITE GLUE!!!!!! Don't use clear hobby glue, it melting the polysterne away-S
    I had noticed that toooooooo late.
    I think you don't like that either so i thought you must be warned to do not like me.LOL

  • How to make a decoration. I'm In Love; D - Step 4
    Step 4

    glue the carton underneat the bowl , of course you can glue this with clear hobby glue.;-D
    They could stand each other.LOL

  • How to make a decoration. I'm In Love; D - Step 5
    Step 5

    pick some scraps from fabric you like .
    cut a small retangle of it that match the length and the width of the cup.
    Make some cutting lignes in the fabric like the picture showing you.
    Because my bowl was a little bit tapering.

  • How to make a decoration. I'm In Love; D - Step 6
    Step 6

    Glue with the white glue, the not cut fabric on beneat and glue the rest later so you make a tight and flat layer on your cup with the fabric.
    Paint with acylic paint the polysterne upside in the colour of the glitter. Let this dry.
    Glue some chenille wire of pipe cleaner on the underside of the bowl.

  • How to make a decoration. I'm In Love; D - Step 7
    Step 7

    Making of the assessoires
    Look from old fake flowers you had for little flowers that will match the little fellow.;-D You can add some small leaves i've you want too. It looks then a small posy. Cut all the small part of on the same size and bind the posy with sewing yarn together and glue this with a drop of clear hobby glue.
    Let it dry.
    You don't use the embrella or parasol but you can make other things which he holds in his hands or make a tiny parasol by your self.
    cut a small circel of paper out and cut it to the center, and then put it a tiny bit overlap each side and glue this and glue a a little toothstick in the inner center. And you have your own. Hope you understand this.;-D
    Or look for some old used or new parasols.

  • How to make a decoration. I'm In Love; D - Step 8
    Step 8

    Make the parasol stiffer and stronger with white glue , you can use white glue or i've you like you can use mod podge, its doesn't matter which one you choose ,it only matter for your pocket.LOL
    Let it dry i used to let it dry freestanding the clothes pins like the picture shows you.

  • How to make a decoration. I'm In Love; D - Step 9
    Step 9

    Making the parasol much prettyer. i add some glitter glue dots on the inside and outside and with a metallic coloured gel pen i add some lines on it, and i used a marker.
    Let this dry.

  • How to make a decoration. I'm In Love; D - Step 10
    Step 10

    Glue the top with white glue, and add glitters on it. Let it dry.
    Glue some ribbon on the middle of the fabric. and add on this some flowers from a piece of ribbon and add some rihnestones at it too.
    do the same on the chenille and when the glitter is dried, on that too. For the small parts i used my hot glue gun.
    and add some beads on the top to mark the top.
    And then ad last glue the fellow with white glue in the polysterne top layer.
    Let it all dry.

  • How to make a decoration. I'm In Love; D - Step 11
    Step 11

    Your allmost finished!!! ;-D
    Add with some hot glue dots the parasol and the posy in the arms of your little friend, He will appreciate this.LOL
    And you're done.
    Hope you liked it and have a pretty one yourselfs.
    Of course you can add in steade off the paste figure a small figure that you all ready had or ... be creative.
    Hope you like it and have fun with the making of the stand for your tiny figure.
    There will come later some other idea's of making a stand , please be patiend;-D
    you can start with this. ;-D

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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOl i can understand this , why you think it's paper mache, it's not, this is very different material, it looks like ceramic it's really past floor.;-D
but thank you all voor the faves and the sweet comments;-D
hannah g.
hannah g. · Horten, Vestfold, NO · 74 projects
makes me wish i didnt suck so much at paper mache Tongue
karindehaas · 31 projects
Wat een schatje, ziet er echt helemaal geweldig uit xoxox
lolEffects · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 1 project
Thats CUTE! Happy

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