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How To Make Your Own Scratch Off Cards

A simple way to make some fun scratch off cards! • Posted by Dana

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    This is the easiest thing ever, all you need is this stuff: -Liquid dish soap -Silver acrylic paint (the dollar store!) -Clear packing tape -Paint brush You will first need to make your little cards or whatever you want to contain the scratch off. I printed my little savings cards on thick cardstock.

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    Then you'll need to grab your tape. Cut it to fit your scratch off area. In my case, the yellowish box that holds the secret savings code. Apply the tape to this area only.

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    Now, mix up your scratch off solution! Just get a little container and mix 1 part dish soap to 2 parts silver paint. Paint over the tape you applied with the paint solution. The first layer doesn't look like much, but it will soon.

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    You'll need to let this layer dry completely before applying another layer. In total, my cards took 4 layers to completely hide the text underneath.

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    That's pretty much it! When it's completely dry, you're good to go! Test one out (I promise, it's lots of fun!). Check out my blog for more!