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How To Make Pom Pom Pumpkins

These little pumpkins make cute accessories for bookshelves or other nooks and crannies, and they'd be cute compliments to table place cards, too. • Posted by Kristen M.

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  1. Small pom pom pumpkin cuts

    Using the wire cutters, cut short pieces of the twig (1/2 to 1 inch) for the pumpkin stems. Cut leaf shapes from the felt. I just folded a rectangle of felt in half and cut a semi-oval shape, trimming afterward if necessary to get the shape that I wanted, but you could also make a more realistic looking pumpkin leaf.

  2. Small pom pom pumpkin stems

    Clear a place on the pumpkin that looks good for the stem. Look for a spot where there’s a good mass of yarn to, so you’ll be able to anchor the stem well and be able to fluff the yarn around it afterward to hide any imperfections. Add hot glue to the end of the twig and insert it into the pom pom, holding for a few seconds until the glue is set.

  3. Small pom pom pumpkin leaves

    Take one of your leaves and add a little hot glue to one end. Place the leaf, glue side down, beside the twig stem in the cleared area of the pom pom and put light pressure on the glued end for a few seconds until the glue is set. Clean up any glue-y strings and fluff the yarn around the stem and leaf.