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Finally a way to wear whatever ring you want without the painful allergic reactions!
Hey, sorry it’s been a while.
I knew this techinque works to prevent your skin from turning green but I didn’t know it would be effective with jewelry that makes you itchy.
I kid you not, I bought this “Fairy Tail” ring on amazon and was so happy when I got it, but the I realized that just touching it made my finger itch, so this is what I did.

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  • How to make jewelry. How To “Allergy Proof” or recolor A Ring - Step 1
    Step 1

    Take a ring that your allergic to and paint it with nail polish that matches the color of the ring. Or you can be bold and paint it a different color, this ring was originally silver but I decided to paint it gold. You can be even bolder and paint it other colors but I preferred to stay semi natural.

    Make sure to paint not just the inside of the ring but the outside and sides of the ring. If your skin could touch the ring from any angle cover that part of the ring with nail polish

  • How to make jewelry. How To “Allergy Proof” or recolor A Ring - Step 2
    Step 2

    If you have a ring like mine, or one with more detailed designs use a paper clip to carve out some of the nail polish that could get in those crevasses.
    My ring also had a fake diamond in it but I painted over that by accident and then decided to paint the gem blue. Just to make it pop. But that’s up to you

  • How to make jewelry. How To “Allergy Proof” or recolor A Ring - Step 3
    Step 3

    Finally to Seal the nail polish on the ring you need to cover it in modpodge

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