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Homemade Stickers

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    Get everything you need together. It's best to use white vinegar, but I have tried it using white wine vinegar and it worked. You also need white glue, a paint brush, a bowl and spoon and clippings that you got from your magazines. If you have a drawing that you did you can use that to, or pictures you printed. I dont think that real pictures will work very well becuase of the type of paper they use, but I havent tried it.

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    To make the sticker mix, you need one part glue to one part vinegar. If you do 1 tsp of each, it will cover around one and a half sheets of paper. Depending on how many clippings you have and how big they are, you will need to make more or less. Stir you mixture until it's runny but still white. Paint a thin coat on the back of your magizine clippings.\

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    Once you have the mix painted on the back of the picture, set it on a sheet of paper to dry. You will need to wait around 20 minutes, it depends on how thick you put on the mix.

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    Once they are dry, you just have to lick the back to get it to stick, they stick well, but not well enough to leave annoying white paper behind like normal stickers. If you have extra mix left, you can store it in an air tight container and use it next time you want some stickers.