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Collection of Livestock Photos
Per request of Crafterella, I am compiling my photography pictures into "themes", so that I don't inundate the website with too many "related projects".

This collection consists of photographs I have taken over the years of various livestock: bovine (cows, cattle), horses, goats, chickens, ducks, peacocks, rabbits, etc. Most of these are of my own critters, though some are of critters belonging to others that I just had to get a picture of.

For those interested in photographing animals: this can be very time consuming and trying to the patience. You need to make sure you have these before attempting to work with animals. Animals can pick up on your emotions, and if you are stressed or frustrated or angry, the animal will pick up on it and good luck getting cooperation out of them after that! Several other important things to keep in mind- the weather (lighting), the angle of the camera/lens, the distance between camera and subject, the speed of the film or the amount of megapixels, etc.

I have over 30 years experience in photography, trained at the knee by 2 professional photographers (my parents), have won photography contests and had some of my photographs published. I don't do photography for a career, like my parents did, I do it when and how the inspiration hits as a hobby. I would be more than happy to share suggestions and tips to anyone interested. Photography is one of my life's passions. :)

These photographs were taken using a variety of different cameras. If you are interested in what type of camera was used for any particular photo, just ask. :)

As mentioned above, some of my work is copyrighted, so please do not use without permission.

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