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Holiday Ornament Tutorial

Elegant Holiday Ornament. • Posted by Lanie V.

Create your own stunning ornaments...

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Medium orn27 1282425359


Create your own stunning ornaments...


  1. Small orn7 1282425449

    Start with 12 pieces of square paper measuring 3 inches by 3 inches. I chose three different colours for this "how to" because it will be easier for you guys. ;)

  2. Small orn44 1282425588

    Start with your first this case, pink.

  3. Small orn19 1282425863

    Fold paper in half so that the "white" side is showing.

  4. Small orn21 1282425941

    Unfold paper. Fold one side towards the centre line that you just created. Then do the same for the left side.

  5. Small orn4 1282426033

    This is what you should have so far. :)

  6. Small orn1 1282426159

    Now unfold again. This time we are going to fold the other way, still keeping the white side facing out.

  7. Small orn37 1282426453

    Same as before, fold one side to that centre line fold you just made, and then fold the left side.

  8. Small orn8 1282426581

    This is what it should look like now. :)

  9. Small orn17 1282426664

    We are going to open the right flap slightly and crease paper as shown. Then we are going to do the exact same crease fold to the left side.

  10. Small orn24 1282426854

    This is what the module should look like.

  11. Small orn25 1282426942

    Place your finger as shown in the diagram. See how it flattens out?

  12. Small orn16 1282427060

    I want you to crease the paper now to create the "roof-top" shape.

  13. Small orn6 1282427146

    Place your finger under the left flap as shown and crease upward.

  14. Small orn13 1282427243

    This is what the module should look like now. Repeat step "13" on the right side.

  15. Small orn11 1282427334

    This is what the module should look like now...lets go to the next step now. :)

  16. Small orn46 1282427446

    Place fingertip on the tip of the left flap shown here.

  17. Small orn23 1282427528

    Now just fold in down gently as shown. We are going to do the exact same thing to the right side. Look to step 16 to repeat.

  18. Small orn34 1282427741

    Here's what our module looks like so far. Now we are going to do the exact same thing to the other end.

  19. Small orn9 1282427887

    Remember, Fold back one flap as shown, and then the other.

  20. Small orn20 1282428042

    Then place your finger as shown in step 11. Crease to create the "roof-top" type fold.

  21. Small orn29 1282428252

    Look at step 13 your finger under the left flap and crease upward. Do the same for the right side. This is what it should look like now. :)

  22. Small orn14 1282428469

    Look at step 16 again. Place your finger as shown on the left flap and lay down. Do the same for the right side. This is what you should have.

  23. Small orn2 1282428606

    Turn the module over...Note the "x" pattern in it. We are going to fold these four corners up to meet the centre of the "x". See next step.

  24. Small orn43 1282428768

    Start folding up one corner to meet the centre.

  25. Small orn31 1282428871

    Three corners are more corner to fold.

  26. Small orn40 1282428949

    This is what our module looks like now. Turn the module over.

  27. Small orn3 1282429024 we are going to fold it in half diagonally back on itself...see the following diagram.

  28. Small orn22 1282429185

    We are just going to crease it. Then unfold it so it lays flat like step 27, and fold it in half diagonally again using the other two corners.

  29. Small orn12 1282429415

    This is what your module should look like. Now take two end tabs at a time..(my fingers are already on one tab) and we are going to push down. Repeat on the other two tabs. By pushing these tabs down you are "opening" the module.

  30. Small orn32 1282429623

    You have completed your first module! Good make a total of 12 modules please. :)

  31. Small orn10 1282429704

    Here are our 12 completed we put it all together.

  32. Small orn45 1282431635

    Very simply join together by placing the orange tab over the yellow tab and push together.

  33. Small orn30 1282431750

    Now for the third piece (pink), two of its "tabs" fit on the the newly formed module. One tab slips onto the orange, and the other pink tab slips onto the yellow.

  34. Small orn38 1282431952

    So this is what we have so far. If you look directly into the middle of our model, you will see a large triangle. One corner is pink, the second corner is orange and the third corner of it is yellow. Now for our project, on each side of our triangle(total of three sides), we are going to create a "square" using our modules.

  35. Small orn36 1282432242

    So lets take a pink one and slide it onto the yellow module.

  36. Small orn18 1282432466

    Now lets add a yellow module onto the orange one. Then join the new pink and yellow modules together. This forms our square. Do you see it? The top left hand corner of the square is pink. The top right hand corner of the square is yellow. The bottom left hand corner is yellow. The bottom right hand corner is orange. So we have now completed a "square" using one of the sides of our central "Triangle". Repeat these steps for the second and third sides of our central "Triangle".

  37. Small orn47 1282433130

    Once we have added our "squares" to each side of our central "triangle", you will see that some tabs needed to be tucked don't add any new modules yet, just tuck the existing tabs together. Once you do, you will notice that they form "triangles" again. :)

  38. Small orn28 1282433387

    Here we are, all nicely tucked in. Rmember in between the "triangles", there are "squares". Complete the module in this're almost done!

  39. Small orn15 1282433581

    Now, with the last module or two, you will be using all 4 tabs to close it all up. Just be patient. You're doing great!

  40. Small orn35 1282433702

    Yay here's the finished model! Now it's time to add the fun stuff. Go get some stringing wire and beads. If you look at your model there are several openings. These are perfect for adding our beads.

  41. Small orn33 1282433865

    Here's my choice of stones, and now I am going to bring the wire up through the module so I can finish it.

  42. Small orn27 1282433965're done! I hope you enjoyed this "how-to" project! :) Lanie