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stripey headbands on these handbound journals are the real deal: beauty + function FTW!
I spent the weekend making small journals for a craft fair that's coming up in three weeks. This time I have gone to the trouble of hand-stitching proper headbands onto the journals...they add that touch of real bookish-ness and elegance, and they are easy to do, once you get the hang of doing them!
There is something about this sort of "making from scratch" process that I find deeply satisfying and rewarding, and I love that the joy and the beauty come without having to buy anything specifically 'beautiful' or decorative' or 'fun' This is just paper, glue, plain canvas, some paint, thread and a needle!

I actually learned my headbands from an old book by Aldren Watson, but I found a good tutorial on Pied Crow Press's blog, so I've shared that link. It's a little different from the way I do mine, but there must be a dozen ways to make headbands, they all work the same way.

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