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A project for Harry Potter fans who knit or vica versa...
So there is a little debate among knitters and Harry Potter fans about which is the 'correct' or 'true' pattern for the Hogwarts House scarf... in the first movies it was alternating blocks of house colours and then in the Prisoner of Azkaban they changed the design to thin stripes of one colour on a background colour... well I think the cover of the Philosophers Stone book sorts this problem out as Harry's scarf on it is clearly alternating blocks of colour and who cares about the movies anyway...

Sure you could buy an official Harry Potter merchandise one for $45... or you could spend $10 on yarn and a pair of knitting needles and kill approximately 30 hours of boredom...


  • Step 1

    I quickly learnt how to knit here:

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  • Step 2

    I cast on about 40 stitches and then knitted about 20-25 rows of just basic knit stitch in my first colour (which was scarlet/maroon as I am making a Gryffindor scarf)

  • Step 3

    Then I changed to my second colour which was sort of goldy yellow and did another 20 or so rows and just repeated alternating until it is the desired length. You can make tassels and tie them on to the ends of your scarf if you want too.



nariel · Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX · 13 projects
I'm trying to do one using the video tutorial Happy 'cause i had no clue about knitting haha
Tori M.
Tori M. · 1 project
What size needles did you use?
Spender · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 3 projects
Those are so cute I plan to make one as soon as I get some yarn!

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