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This is a WIP. Keep watching for more updates
This is sort of Star Wars fandom going on right here. Mandalorians are like Boba Fett and Jango Fett. This is not complete but I will be working on it over time and updating this.

- Diamond: The Black Diamonds are three center pieces for the armor I made and have yet to decide on. So, if you want to throw your opinion out there it would be very helpful.

- Chest Plates: The white two side pieces are the chest plate. You can see where the diamond goes in the middle. They still need to be shaped and then I will paint them.

- Kama: The kama for my outfit is ment to conceal weapons and is a bright gold with mandalorian stencil'd language on the back. The kama is held on by being attached to a belt.

EDIT(March 15): Recently I spray painted and molded the chest plates so they are no longer white but black with Gold trim and Mandalorian Writing.

Edit: (April 02): The plates I had before are still black with gold trim but on the left side I decided to do a stencil of dirtied gold Mandalorian language. In this time I have also added a Kama (Explained above) and detailed that in gold as well.

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Stitchnbtch · 25 projects
Hey! Im working on a Fierce Diety costume for my boyfriend ( ive already made him link and myself zelda) And I am stuck on just the right thing to do for the armor. He and I are both perfectionists especially since we are both graphic design students, so not any old thing will do. but your idea seems be just what i am looking for! Any way you can give me some tips? Exactly what kind of trash can do use, and how do you mold them? Any help at all would be much appreciated!
Paige R.
Paige R. · New York, New York, US · 17 projects
Oh, you're making that out of trash cans? Dude, that's genius! I've seen all the costuming sites say to order big expensive sheets of plastic, but I never thought to use trash cans! How are you molding them?

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