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Glow in the Dark Non-Alcoholic Martini (2 Methods)
This fun recipe is a real crowd-pleaser at parties, especially around Halloween time. These are best served in a dark room or one with minimal light for maximum wow-effect. Make them about a half-hour before the party, or the seltzer will go flat. (If you're using a non-carbonated recipe, feel free to make them further in advance, however the glow steps must be made less than a half-hour before serving.)

(Please excuse the bad photos, I'll put in better ones very soon.)

Posted by PB from U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, United States • Published See PB's 2 projects »
  • How to mix a mocktail. Glow In The Dark Martini (virgin Version) - Step 1
    Step 1

    First off, start out with some cute decorative martini glasses. (These drinks are best served individually, rather than having guests ladle it out of a punch bowl.)

    Please excuse my horrid pictures as my camera currently sucks. d: I'm going to do this again and take better pictures. Also, the entire glow step has no picture because the flash on my camera was broken and wouldn't turn off, I'll take pictures with my mom's camera later and add in new pictures)

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These look cool ^-^
SyntheticStars · Eastleigh, England, GB · 31 projects
reverse mermaid
reverse mermaid · Geraldton, Western Australia, AU · 24 projects
I'm entertained by these comments.

A thought occurs, though. Instead of putting your glow stick in the drink, which, judging from the comments, seems to put people off quite a lot, why not fill a jar with some kind of soda water, stick it in that, and use it as decoration? Nifty glowing things without drinking chemicals. Everyone wins.
Cupcake girl
Cupcake girl · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 28 projects
Wow. That was fun reading everyones comments. I have a few things to say.
Well fist of all. STOP being mean. And Dolly. That was uncalled for. At least TRY to be nice.
Here is an idea I have. I am surprised that no one else has thought of this... But this is what I would do. Take a glow bracelet and wrap it around the cup. Ta-da. A drink that glows with out PUTTINg it IN the drink. The end.
NOW the case is CLOSED.
MacLovin♥x♥x♥ · 2 projects
:O Dolly, no need to say that meanie, yes it may be a crazy idea but it could work. And is she dead? No I think not. Case closed!
Dolly · 26 projects
@Pumpernickel Babe- You're a fucking moron.
PB · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
Yes ma'am, that JUST happened.
PB · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
Dude, I've made this drink TWICE in the last FOUR YEARS, with around three drops per drink. At that rate, a person's body can process out the toxins that you insist are in these. And on the note of it being your "duty" to inform people, it's actually not. You may have heard of this saying, "If everyone would just take care of themselves, then everyone would be taken care of." Maybe you should try taking care of yourself instead of everyone else.

As far as questioning your intelligence, it is actually quite a reasonable thing to do. Check your grammar and typos, lady. "If you still refuse to believe me, at least I didn't try." Does that make any sense? And you have a habit of placing commas in unnecessary locations. Just a few tips. You seem so fond of giving them, I thought you might like to receive some for a change.
My-Linh · Orlando, Florida, US · 6 projects
I find it very ironic that you are questioning my intelligence when you are demonstrating a way to consume poison. Yes I know you are not forcing people to consume this drink, however I do not understand why you insist on continuing to make and drink this product. My sources CLEARLY state that just one of the many substances found in glow sticks is in fact NOT non-toxic. You WILL get sick, people CAN die from it, and it has been used TO KILL people.

Like I said before, it is ultimately your decision to continue drinking it as I cannot stop you, however I just want you to know the extent of harm you are placing on your body by consuming even a small amount of this poison. I once again stress that you really should read the first link I posted because maybe then the information that I'm relying to you might actually sink in.

I only am saying this because I feel that it is my duty to at least inform people when they are making very bad decision, that can ultimately harm their life. Take it in whichever way you want it to, and if you still refuse to believe me then at least I didn't try.
PB · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
Although, I do commend you for using a legitimate research source.
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