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How to pack little things in a nice way!
My sister and I bought these amazing Italian products (in case your wondering: orange flavoured balsamico vinegar, olive oil with chili peppers, olive pasta, rucola pasta, hot tomato sauce, tomato and oregano biscuits, mustard and freshly ground 100% arabica coffee) and pretty placemats from Coca-Cola, but we still had to pack everything nicely... Read below to see how I did :)

Posted by Birgit from Leuven, Flanders, Belgium • Published See Birgit's 35 projects »

  • Step 1

    Look for a basket that will fit everything.
    Start by putting some paper on the inside (I used a cut up paper bag), then take a scarf - I like to match the colours, and drape it over the basket. (The paper is to prevent the scarf from getting torn by the basket)
    Arrange all your gifts in the basket. Then wrap in clear wrapping paper. I added a quickly cut and knotted bow with Scotch tape. (the bow is just 2 rectangles folded - a big one and a smaller one - and then a third one to knot it together)You can also use ready-made bows or a piece of ribbon or an ornament... possibilities are endless ;-).
    Hope this is helpful :)

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