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Get Your "Tree" On! Holiday Tutorial

Create a forest of trees for Christmas this year! • Posted by Lanie V.

Modular Origami with a few glue dots to hold each layer in place. Enjoy.

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Modular Origami with a few glue dots to hold each layer in place. Enjoy.


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    I used sheet music the first time I made this; however for the tutorial, I will use a few solid colored pieces of paper so it will be easier to follow. You will need 5 sheets of paper in total. (a)20cm x 20cm, (b), 15cm x 15cm, (c)8.5cm x 8.5cm, (d)8.5 cm x 8.5cm, (e)for the trunk 15cm x 15 cm

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    Let's make the trunk of the tree first. I'm using my dark green sheet of paper which is 15cm x 15cm.

  3. Small 4 1289496766

    Fold in Half. Make sure that the colored side is facing out...then unfold.

  4. Small 15 1289496842

    Now fold in half the other way...then unfold. Turn the paper over now so that the green square is facing up.

  5. Small 20 1289496982

    Now...fold corner to corner, shown here. :) Now turn over so that the white side is face up.

  6. Small 23 1289497075

    Place your finger over the center of the square, shown here, and simply press down. This will allow the corners of your square to "pop" up.

  7. Small 29 1289497466

    Now Grasp two corner together as shown....

  8. Small 24 1289497576

    As you are holding those two corners in place, gently bring up the other two corners, so that all 4 corners are brought together as shown. Lay project flat on your desk. You should have a flat small square.

  9. Small 9 1289497705

    Now raise one of the flaps, stick your finger inside which will create this cone effect. :) why does this sound bad? LoL...

  10. Small 17 1289497914

    Then simply squash it flat, shown here. Make sure it's centered nicely. Repeat step 9 and 10 on the remaining 3 sides.

  11. Small 32 1289498515

    This is what you should have now. :)

  12. Small 34 1289498656

    Turn the front flap, and back flap over shown here...

  13. Small 16 1289498774

    Now, take that front flap....

  14. Small 18 1289498817

    ...and tuck it this. Repeat this step for the back flap as well. :)

  15. Small 39 1289499037

    This is the top view of what you should have so far. Now, simply tuck in the side flaps....

  16. Small 33 1289499131

    ...Just one more flap to tuck in, and then we will be done with the trunk!

  17. Small 45 1289499236

    All tucked in...good job!

  18. Small 27 1289499314

    Congrats! Here is your trunk. Now simply add a glue dot to the front and back, and set aside. View step 19.

  19. Small 14 1289499814

    There's the placement of the glue dot. Add one to the back, and set aside. Now...lets start with the bottom layer of the tree!

  20. Small 35 1289499894

    Start with your 20cm x 20cm size sheet...I'm using light green copy paper. It's green on BOTH sides...

  21. Small 1 1289500074

    Fold in half, then unfold.

  22. Small 21 1289500132

    Fold in half the other way, then unfold. Turn paper over...

  23. Small 6 1289500195

    Fold corner to corner...just like we did with the trunk. Flip sheet over...

  24. Small 10 1289500336

    Place finger in the middle of the sheet, and press down to "pop" up the corners.

  25. Small 7 1289500280

    Grasp two of the corners....

  26. Small 11 1289500416

    Bring up all four corners together. :)

  27. Small 26 1289500487

    This is what you should have now...Place on your desk flat.

  28. Small 42 1289500585

    Bring one flap up to the top point of the module, press flat.

  29. Small 12 1289500682

    This is what you should have so far. Do not unfold this crease.

  30. Small 40 1289500763

    Fold flap over, and repeat steps 28 and 29 on the remaining three sides. :)

  31. Small 30 1289500879

    This is what you should have now.

  32. Small 25 1289500968

    Start bringing the tip down.

  33. Small 31 1289501127

    It's very important to place your fingers the way I've got mine.

  34. Small 8 1289501220

    You want to create this "M" shape between the flaps.

  35. Small 13 1289501347

    Then sandwich that "M" shape between the two flaps like this. Press firmly. :)

  36. Small 2 1289501508

    This is what it should look like. Repeat steps 32 to 35 on the remaining three sides.

  37. Small 37 1289501639

    Aerial of all the sides completed for this module. Now lets place it on the trunk! :)

  38. Small 47 1289501806

    Insert the bottom of the trunk into the tree. Careful of the glue dots. When it's where you want it, make contact with the glue dots.

  39. Small 43 1289502003's kinda cute already! LoL

  40. Small 49 1289502114

    I used a deeper green to show the next layer of the tree. This one is the 15cm x 15cm sheet of paper, repeat the EXACT same steps (steps 20-37) for this layer. Make sure you add a couple of glue dots to the bottom layer first, and then position the next layer on top of it. Now lets go to the small top layer.

  41. Small 46 1289502390

    Here's the top layer. Use the 8.5cm x 8.5 cm paper for this. EXACT same steps. Just follow steps 20-37 Again. Now for the tippy top!

  42. Small 28 1289502511

    Use the other 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm piece to make the tippy top. Follow the TRUNK instructions, steps 3-12 to create this piece. Make sure there are a couple of glue dots on the small layer before placing the tippy top on! Voila!

  43. Small 48 1289502789

    You have done it! Congrats! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! Lanie. :)