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Organizing Your Garage
This post is one of the oldest on my blog, but it has been pinned hundreds of thousands of times so I thought I'd re-share it here:
This $2 storage and organizing solution will save you endless aggravation in keeping sporting equipment accessible, but off of the floor.

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  • How to make a storage unit. Garage Storage Solution   Sports Balls - Step 1
    Step 1

    I don't have measurements for this project because it's going to depend on the sizes of your scrap wood and the size of the space between your garage door and nearest wall.
    First, glue and screw your scrap wood together to form three sides of a square. This will need to fit between your garage door and the wall, so you may to cut your wood down to size.
    Make two.

  • Step 2

    Screw into the stud that is part of the garage door frame on one side, and into the corner stud of the wall on the other. Here we used two screws at each point for added strength.
    Add your second three-sided piece and place it high enough to be able to accommodate all of your sports balls in between.

  • How to make a storage unit. Garage Storage Solution   Sports Balls - Step 3
    Step 3

    Using dollar store bungee cords, wrap one end around the upper square and stretch the other end to attach to the lower. Four bungee cords should be more than enough to hold all of your equipment securely in place, while still making them easily accessible to take out and put away.

    $2 in bungee cords and 20 minutes of your time - but the sanity-saving-value is priceless!

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