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basically an enviroment friendly fabric!!!
Sorry about how long it took me to post this how-to (online class and that kind of stuff) and you all must hate me now and have given up on me. BUT for those of you who haven't here it is finally!

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  • How to recycle a plastic bag pouch. Fuse Plastic Bags :) - Step 1
    Step 1

    You will need:
    Plastic Bags (at least 4-7)
    Ironing board or flat surface
    Parchment paper

    (for your creations you can use almost anything!)

  • How to recycle a plastic bag pouch. Fuse Plastic Bags :) - Step 2
    Step 2

    Now with your handy dandy scissors cut off the bottoms and the handles of the plastic bags.

    (Don't throw the scraps away you can use them later: if you iron a whole bunch of them together you will get a really sturdy material good for the base of bags or you could use it for a bracelt, headband etc.)

  • How to recycle a plastic bag pouch. Fuse Plastic Bags :) - Step 3
    Step 3

    Then turn them inside out so when you iron the ink doesn't come off :)

    If there is an image of pattern on a plastic bag that you really want showing and don't want it backwards just layer tons of clear bags on top.

  • How to recycle a plastic bag pouch. Fuse Plastic Bags :) - Step 4
    Step 4

    Put a peice of parchment on your ironing board and then layer the plastic bags, at least 4 (the more you add the more durable the fabric) according to your liking.

    You can cut out shapes from other plastic or play with layering colours and play with the patterns on the bag (target bags and macy's bags are cool) but its time to go crazy!

  • Step 5

    So now turn your iron on to a medium ish heat just depending on how many layers you have. If you need to turn it higher thats fine but if its to hot you might burn hole in the plastic.

    Try to squish out some of the air this will making the material easier to deal with and will give you an idea of what its going to look like when fused.

    Lay the secound piece of parchment on top and iron form the middle out. Be sure to get the edges good.

  • Step 6

    Turn it over after a few secounds.

    You may need to turn it over a couple of times.

  • How to recycle a plastic bag pouch. Fuse Plastic Bags :) - Step 7
    Step 7

    Now you have your fabric (or what ever we want to call it) and now go be creative! NOW I CAMMAND YOU *says with an athoritative voice and points her finger at you* :)

    Its water proof to your can make beach bags or even a rain coat. Note book covers, cd cases or hair accesories. Purses or handbags.
    Just go have so Fab Tab Fun :)


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Call me Buddy
Call me Buddy · 15 projects
We are learning about trash in my class right now and how we shouldn't use these and I'm sure my teacher will like this idea!thanks!
Queen A.
Queen A. · Melbourne, Victoria, AU · 11 projects
Holy shit, that is super smart girl!
Haley · Manawa, Wisconsin, US · 8 projects
Hey, do you think I'd be able to use wax paper instead of parchment?
I looooove this and I want to do it ASAP i just want to double check. =) Thank you!
Sarah wearing doodled on converse
sorry to have not gotten back until now *blush* but yes, wax paper should work just be weary that you may get some wax on your finished product.
Vi L.
Vi L. · Vung Tau, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, VN
I will try to make one for mysefl, ^^. It's cute
fetisha · Mechanicsville, Virginia, US · 36 projects
fan-freaking-tastic! hubs keeps forgetting to take all our bags to be recycled- now i can actually DO something with them! what a great idea!
jemappelleannemarie · Leeuwarden, Friesland, NL
i love thisone!
liss601 · 1 project
this looks like a cool idea! i'm gonna try it!
Samantha · New York, New York, US · 1 project
Brianna K.
Brianna K. · Osborne, Kansas, US · 1 project
Thanks for the how-to....I've seen Bag fused creations all over the place, but had no idea how to do it!!!!! Awesome!
Sarah wearing doodled on converse
you could try wax paper although i haven't Happy
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