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An easy solution for those random objects you have lying around!~ Eccentric accessories for creative people :)
* Especially if you have plain metal clips, ones without colorful coating.
* Very difficult with bobby pins, only suggested for actual clips

Be sure to check if your glue works on the smooth texture of hairclips before beginning.

Make sure you're allowed to glue these trinkets and no one will complain <:)

Posted by Masha V. from Laguna Hills, California, United States • Published See Masha V.'s 9 projects »

  • How to make a LEGO hair clip. Fun Hairclippies! - Step 1
    Step 1

    Gather your supplies.

    You will need: glue, tons of hairclips, and an assortment of trinkets :)

    Some ideas for trinkets:
    -Lego pieces
    -small light bulbs (these are the kind of things I have in my house)
    -pieces of broken jewelery
    -buttons (the sewing kind)
    -buttons (the pin-ing kind)
    -small toys (like barbie shoes and purses)
    -kinder wonderball toys (so much fun!)
    -computer keys (if you have a spare keyboard lying around)
    -old tickets (like stubs from events or movies)
    -scraps of fabric
    - if you have broken zippers, zipper pulls or the decorative chains work
    -tech-deck screwdrivers are fun :)
    -*USE FOR EXPIRED PRESCRIPTIONS* for those that like the dangerous look, you can glue old pills (as long as you coat them with clear nailpolish or glue
    - if you know how to safely microwave a cd, you can try that and shatter it into bits for a cool mosaic-like effect
    - bits of a mirror
    - glitter
    -safety pins
    -pen caps
    -broken ipod shuffle
    - little stones/pebbles
    - broken headphones
    - broken ipod cord ends
    - charms
    - old cellphone charms (depending on their size)
    - smaller hairclips (Yo dawg, I heard you like hairclips)
    - the little table you get when you order a pizza
    - rick rack
    - lace
    - small pinecones
    - fuzzy craft ball/pom-pon thingy
    - erasers
    - stickynotes
    - toy compass
    - small pencil sharpeners
    - matchbox/matches
    - plastic halloween spiders/critters
    - short-sharpened pencils
    - soda pop tabs
    - toy car
    - small teabag
    - a piece from a teaset you don't mind to much
    - those glass drop things (i don't know what they're called)
    - hawaiian lei flowers
    - old casette
    - floppy disk
    - gameboard pieces
    - candy wrapper (you can put a stone or something of the like inside so as not to attract ants/other rodents
    - random creations by you, such as crochet, hama beads, polymer clay, origami, felt monsters, etc
    - old keychains
    - badges
    - the random trinkets/rings you get from cupcakes
    - guitar picks
    - those glow star things you can stick on your walls
    - whatever else you see fit

  • Step 2

    If you're creating a temporary accessory for a specific event, you may choose to use more perishable objects, such as:
    - small cookies
    - nuts
    - leaves
    -bits of cereal
    - gummibears
    - small glowsticks

    I haven't the slightest idea what this would go for, but feel free :)

  • Step 3

    Prepare each and every of your trinkets to be specifically use. If any of your perishables or sharp objects need work, be sure to do this now. Coat your gummibears with a clear coat of spray glue and file your bits of plastic so that your marvelous creation doesn't end up a functionless disaster or falls apart :/

  • Step 4

    Glue your trinkets to your hairclips in any way you like. The bigger objects like casettes, cards, and diskettes can be glued onto the larger hairclips or even headbands :)

  • Step 5

    If you're aiming for a theme for an event or just for the lulz, here are some theme ideas:

    Computer/tech-y: hairclips with computer keys, diskettes, bits of microwaved cd, broken ends of usb cables

    Patriotic: small flags, trinkets from cupcakes that are 4th-of-july themed, stars

    Teaparty: bits of a teaset, teabags, candywrappers with stones in them to keep shape, small cookies coated in glue

    Musical: old badges, buttons that have band names on them, broken earphones, broken ipod cable ends, guitarpicks, broken ipod shuffle

    Natural: twigs, leaves, acorns, flowers, nuts (like whole nutmeg), nutshells, small pinecones, shells

    Earth friendly/green/recycling: soda pop tabs, bottlecaps, pieces of recyclable materials, leaves, soda pop tabs

    School-ish:short pencils, erasers, sharpeners, stickynotes, etc

  • Step 6

    Wear them with pride! :)

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DinjaDONUT · Utrecht, Utrecht, NL · 6 projects
Ohhhh I'm gonna try this out Happy I've a lot of boring hair clips (:
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
soooo funny. love it, and yes finding the right glue, always the big problem ;-S
but it will help too to make at first the toys and the pins grease proof.
but i like the idea of it, will try this out someday too;-D thank you for sharing and your tute!XD

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